Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Man I Married

This picture needs no explanation, but if you know me, there's always an explanation...

I would say Nick is the cat's meow, but I think cats belong in Hades, so let's settle for the bee's knees maybe? Big Cheese? Real McCoy?
He's something spesh* anyway.

We're back in Eugene, back to the grind. Nick thrives in "the grind." Day to day living is his specialty. He accomplishes what most do weekly in a days time. 
And he STILL has spare time to fish.

Speaking of fish, the ocean was so good to me when I threw my pole in. 
(You can go barf in your garbage can now. Is being annoyingly cheesy hereditary?)

*Kardashian dictionary:
Spesh = Special

**addendum: The following conversation is real. It took place on our couch tonight.
Me (to Nick): You're wearing the heart monitor I gave you. Is it because Chris on Parks and Rec said his resting heart rate is 28 beats per minute?
Nick: ...
Me: What's your resting heart rate?
Nick: 41.
More silence while we watch Parks and Rec.
Nick: Hey will you set your alarm for 3AM so you can get up and check my resting heart rate?
Me: Haha.
Five minutes later...
Nick: I was serious.

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Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha I love Parks and Rec! Nick would be in insane shape like Chris. Go Nick!