Friday, August 3, 2012

To Be An Olympian

To be an Olympian would be pretty swell,
to have muscles and routines as big as Danell. 
I've wondered often what I would say,
If I was a squirrel flying the Gabby way.
Would I dig for the ball just like Misty?
Or get a silver diving medal for being super twisty?

To be an Olympian with a body ripped,
Like speedy Sanya who's legs have never tripped. 
Would I be a crazy machine like Missy F,
Kicking and paddling til there's nothing left?
Could I surprise with gold like studly Adrian,
and beat the missile Magnussen who is Australian? 

To be an Olympian and be on a team,
like Wambach I'd score and adore all the screams. 
I'd sink to the bottom of the sea like kelp,
with all my medals exactly like Phelps.
And if I lost I'd still be glad,
Fencing like Mariel giving all I had. 

To be an Olympian, part of team USA,
I'd be honored and anxious in my own Kardashian way.
From other countries I'd ignore all the boos,
and be like Kobe, signing someone's shoes.
I'd never cheat or purposely try to loose,
even in badminton with shuttlecock of goose.

To be an Olympian, like I said, would be swell,
the endorsements I'd make and the stories I'd tell!
To be an Olympian, would be unreal,
I'd forever remember how it would feel.
The best in the world, a champion forever,
I could not forget, not now, not ever!

To be an Olympian would be the second best dream,
I've already got the most perfect team.
She's not tall or heavy, but chubby and light,
she lets me tuck her in and kiss her at night.
Although petite, she packs quite a punch,
especially after eating watermelon for lunch.

She walks real wobbly and giggles real loud,
kissing her face is like eating a cloud.
Sure winning a gold would be the peak,
but it can't compete with her luscious cheeks.
Team USA is awesome that's so,
but nothing compares to Team Evie, I know! *

*This poem was inspired by Evie's London t-shirt. 


Anonymous said...

Love it! And did Evie get Grown up all of a sudden??! Seriously so cute!

Jen Ficklin said...

best poem ever!

MaryJane said...

Love there an Olympic event for poetry?