Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bath Deserved Two Posts

Day Five:
- Traditional English Breakfast
- Walking tour of Bath
- Roman Baths
- Minerva's chocolaterie
- Stratford-upon-Avon
- Anne Hathaway's house
- Cotswolds

I'm sure everyone is sick of me posting pictures of myself, but I'm having too much fun bragging about my trip. So the narcissism goes on...

This was the view out of our B&B. Isn't Bath beautiful?

I may or may not be teary-eyed in this picture.

The Roman Baths were awesome. The tour was kind of long, but still really interesting/super unsanitary. 

The Sydney House is where the Austens stayed occasionally when they visited Bath.

English countryside = Huzzah!

I loved the Anne Hathaway house. (Darel was confused when she realized that an autographed poster of The Princess Diaries was not included) It was so quaint and the gardens were definitely the best part. 

This is a little hut that is modeled after the one that SUPPOSEDLY Anne and William fell in love.

Four Juliets, but where are our Romeos?

This is a wall for lovers. You can write notes to people you love/tell where you met your lover.
Naturally, the two single sistas had to get a picture in front of it.

Aaaaaaand the best picture of the entire trip. Its called The Abraham Lincoln.
I hope you love it as much as I do:

We drove through the Cotswolds and actually stopped in Chipping Campden.
I seriously felt like a Jane Austen character. 
It was amazing!

D's always trying to steal my thunder.

She needs no explanation.

Cotswold Grill = tasty.
If you are surprised that the value of my day is determined by the quality of my food then you don't know me. They had a cheese list on the menu and I actually asked the waiter if I could keep it. (so trashy I know) It is about ten cheeses with a little paragraph about each describing them. 
IE: St. Oswald Cheese
"This powerful aromatic rind washed cheese won the Gold Award for the best English cheese at the British Cheese Awards 2007. An organic cheese, also from Gorsehill Abbey, made using milk from cows which have grazed in pastures of ancient pear trees."

Did I die and go to heaven? The cows grazed on ancient pear trees?! No wonder it tasted like Daniel Craig in a speedo! As an avid cheese lover and connoisseur, it was the pinnacle of palate pleasing goodness. 

The Royal Crescent.
Apparently they film 70% of British-period-piece movies here.

We drank from the Roman Baths.
It is supposed to grant the drinker eternal life.

I think I got hepatitis instead.
It tasted like sulfur.

This, however did not taste like sulfur.
Food = happy.

Yes, I will take this house please.


MaryJane said...

1. There can never be too many pictures of the Smart girls having fun. ( put pictures up with others in them!)
2. Chelsey is wasting her time with all the international health mumbo-jumbo...As I've said many times before, she needs to be my personal travel agent!
3. I hope they let you have the cheese menu. But if they didn't, you might want to know my mom always just carried a big purse and put what ever menus she wanted in it...easier to get forgiveness than permission and all that!
4. Never thought I'd think English food could look good...let alone taste it...but you may be able to change my mind.
5. Back to the pictures...thanks for posting such a fun, energetic bunch of pics. Love seeing you guys have so much fun!

MaryJane said...

Oh, ya. Bath does appear to deserve two posts.

Sydney said...

Thanks Mary Jane! You are awesome. Next time you are coming with!

MaryJane said...

Just let me know when!