Friday, August 17, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

My mom is the world's best babysitter. She offers to watch Evie all the time so that I can accomplish things on my to-do list, run errands, or simply do something fun for myself.

And despite this angry-looking face, Ev loves her Grandma She She.

A few weeks ago we ran our half marathon. My mom watched Evie while we drove to Portland to get it done. We ran the Greater Portland Half and it was small, but fun. 

Our running stance.

I know I'm a huge loser, but an individual pic is a must since I'm documenting our Moo to Marathon.

All the girls. Darel, Me, Darcee, Erin. Erin is Darcee's sister-in-law and I'm so glad she's freaking awesome and decided to run our race with us. 


Erin and her husband, Bryce, who is my sister's husband's brother. 

Probably the worst picture ever. (it was sunny)

My dad placed in his division!

As did Darel and Darcee.

For some reason, I had a tough go on half-marathon day. It was hot and maybe I was dehydrated, but either way I was disappointed with my time. 
Its okay though, there will be other races, but I have to say I could not have finished without Darel. She has been my running buddy and constant companion throughout all of this and she rocks. 
Plus she's hot.

And the hubs. He's amazing and also quite the runner apparently since his time was well under two hours. And even though we don't technically "run" together (as in side by side), we still have such a fun time on race day together. 
Plus he's hot too.

We ran our 15-miler last week and we survived! (The farthest I've run so far) We've got 16 this saturday and it's uphill from there until we taper down the few weeks before the big Marathon.
I'm excited and nervous ... but mostly just hoping that I don't make a fool of myself. 
Its pretty much inevitable that I'm going to do such a thing, but a girl can dream.


The Davis Family said...

Wow Syd! I'm impressed! That's so fun you all got to run together. You should be proud of yourself!!


elise said...

oh my goodness women you are a freakin rockstar! um and i'm a little obsessed with your cheveron running top!

Kiley said...

You look hot! and ditto elise- love that top! i actually saw it at the mall today and was tempted to pick one up. You are going to dominate that marathon!- and look hot doing it