Friday, August 10, 2012


My European Trip Kardashian Style Recap is definitely not over, but its been WAY too long since lil Ev took over the blog. 
For those of you who don't live with Evie, here's what you missed:

She is a toddler.
A walking, talking, tantrum-throwing toddler.

I personally love when she brings out the sass. It is a confirmation to me that I had something to do with her conception. Please notice her sippy cup NOT being used in this picture. She prefers to drink out of whatever cup I'M drinking out of, since she's so "big" now.

I'm obsessed with this ombre orange dress Evie inherited from her cousin The Face (who turned 3 yesterday!) 

Now you can be obsessed with it too.

Her latest thing is "hanging out" in the pantry. She'll go in there, hang out for a bit, and then bring me a box of crackers (she says "cracker," now!) or grunt until I give her some M&Ms. Also, it is rare to find her without a popsicle (she says "popsicle," also!) in hand. She probably eats about five popsicles a day. I could say that she's teething and it feels good on her teeth, but lets be honest, I'd probably let her have five popsicles a day even if she wasn't teething.

Cuz remember, I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.

Her hair is still curly.

She also fake laughs all the time. If the adults are laughing about something, she will loudly fake laugh as to include herself in the conversation. Which ironically, makes the adults laugh even more, making Evie feel so funny, creating more fake laughs. 

See? A popsicle.

She still loves the jogging stroller, but only if she's got her sunglasses on. 

She's also still obsessed with her blankies. When I wash them she digs them out of the hamper and carries them all over while chewing on them (nasty). 

Please notice the popsicle and my tan.

Evie is enthralled with the outdoors. She loves being outside. Sometimes she helps me water the plants or pick flowers, but mostly she just walks around eating sticks and picking grass. We had a quail lay her eggs in our greenhouse a few weeks ago. When they hatched (about a dozen babies) we would sneak in the greenhouse together and watch the mama quail and her fluffy little babies. Evie LOVED it.  She loves birds, dogs, fish - any animal really.

We got Evie some walking shoes at the Nordstrom Sale. I feel bad because I lost the polaroids they gave us. I know they are somewhere around, but I just can't find them! Anyway, when you buy your first pair of shoes at Nordies they give you a balloon, a stuffed Nordie, and they take your picture. Evie had so much fun trying on shoes and walking around. The only problem was her tiny feet. Half of the shoes didn't come in sizes small enough, and the ones that did were mostly too big. Luckily Saltwaters come in a size 3 and Ev can work with a size 4 in Stride Right. I personally cannot wait until she can really fit into shoes. Can you say mommy-daughter shoe shopping? 

See? Shoe lover already.

Don't worry, the cap is on. I don't let my baby drink gatorade.

She finally conquered her fear of grass!

Other Evie developments:
- Talks constantly. Babbling mostly, but she will attempt to repeat EVERYTHING I say. Her most impressive word is "crocodile." And its not a semi-understandable version of the word, but legitimately the word "crocodile." 
- Loves cold cereal. Any kind, any time of day. She won't eat cereal dry now that she's had it with milk on it. 
- Hates PB&J. 
- Loves quesadillas and grilled cheese.
- Loves grapes, watermelon, oatmeal and of course, popsicles.
- Deathly afraid of bubbles. (She cried and tried to jump out of the tub when I put them in)
- Speaking of jumping, Nick taught her how to jump. She doesn't leave the ground, but she makes all the motions and thinks she's jumping.
- Loves to be near the pool, but not always in the pool. (Depends on the day)
- Gives kisses to everyone.
- Doesn't really like TV, but occasionally will watch about ten minutes of a movie. Usually around bedtime we'll put in a show and she will drink her milk until she's ready for bedtime routine. 
- Says "Grandpa," perfectly, but still hasn't mastered Grandma yet. We're working on it though!
- Obsessed with me. She is my little barnacle. Always near me, wanting me to hold her. 
- Can play the harmonica. (Sort of) She has learned how to blow in and out to make noise.
- A music lover! She is always dancing to music and playing the piano. 

I love having a toddler. Our days are as busy as Evie is (which is usually pretty busy). 

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