Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Singing in the Rain

Day Three
- British Library
- Westminster
-Lunch at Harrods
-University of London
-Indian food
-Singing in the Rain

Dee Dee Sassypants, ready for the day.*

*So you can kind of see Chelsea's flat in this pic. Her room is tiny - like Hagrid in a wand box tiny. Chels has twin bunk beds, so Darel and I shared the bottom bunk, my mom took the top, and Chels slept on the couch. It was awesome (like Girls Camp, only cleaner). 

Kray Kray Khloe, also ready for the day.

Our first stop was the British Library = BOMB.COM
Seriously, loved it. 
We weren't allowed to take pictures, so the only one we got was on this cool book seat. 
Here's a few things I saw that I loved:
Jane Austen's writing desk
Some works of Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and Wilde.
A copy of Handel's Messiah.
Beethoven's tuning fork.
Beatles lyrics written on John Lennon's son's 1st Birthday card.
1st Bible in English (Tyndale)
Fragments of an early manuscript of the gospel of John.
Magna Carta.
7th century copy of the Qur'an.

We took a little walk (look I think I see Emily and Jef!)

Can I just say how much I loved Westminster.
Good choice Kate Middleton.

Last time I was in London, we didn't get to go inside Westminster. I'm so glad we got to this time. It was awesome, totally worth 20 pounds.

Of course, you can't take pictures in Westminster either, but my favorite part was Poet's Corner. I'm sure everybody says that, but I think I drooled over John Keats' remains. And I know a lot of people hate Frankenstein, but I think Mary Shelley is freaking awesome.

We also went to Chelsea's school. She showed us around, we went to dinner with her classmates, and enjoyed living the life of an International and Demographic Public Health student.
Speaking of dinner, can I just say I'm a fan of Indian food. I've never really had good Indian food before, but I'm a believer now. I had a vegetable samosa with chickpeas for dinner that was worthy of a Hallelujah Chorus. Indian food is heavy and I always feel super fat afterwards, but its such a happy fat.
Did I just say that?

Chelsea got us tickets to see Singing in the Rain. And since she's the world's best tour guide, she was able last minute to get us front row tickets!

The lady who upgraded our tickets told us we might get "a wee bit" wet.

Is my definition of "wee bit" that off?

It was like Splash Mountain in there!

Like Splash Mountain, only better.
We loved it!

Ketchup + Mustard = Forever.

All my pictures are out of order, but lunch at Harrod's was delish.
Darel's sandwich took first price though. (Brie and Ham Panini, heavy on the Brie)

Darel's donut had glitter all over it.
After lunch Darel had glitter all over her.

The only thing I bought at Harrod's? 
Like I said, happy fat!

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MaryJane said...

You guys crack me up. What a fun trip.