Friday, July 20, 2012

Moroccan Influenza

My sister Darel stayed an extra week across the pond and spent a few days in Morocco. She brought home a few things, including a deadly and grotesque disease Nick dubbed the Moroccan Influenza.

It involves a lot of dry heaving, slight vomiting, and some other things I won't mention.

I'd like to personally and publicly thank my little sister for giving such a lovely gift to me.
Instead of going to my cousin's baby shower last night, I murderously thought of her face while I wallowed in gross bodily functions. 

On the plus side, laying in bed makes for ample blog time.

Last week, we drove down to Eugene so I could go to a dear friend's baby shower. It felt good to be back in our apartment when we weren't literally sweating our brains out.
85 degrees + No AC + 2nd Floor + Unfortunately active sweat glands = NO BUENO.

Ev got accustomed to be home in no time.

Things have been busy, fun, and oh my goodness HOT the last week. In the hundreds people!
Evie enjoys eating watermelon (her fave), swimming (finally!), and walking outside.

Excuse me, while I dry heave some more.*

*If I was super cool and hip, this is where I'd include my little twitter thingy -  #justalittlebitdramatic or #mightdieimtickedatyoudarel (sorry to all my friends who twitter but I think it is RIDICULOUS)

Luckily, I'm not hip or cool, so I'll just go dry heave.

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