Monday, July 23, 2012

Harrod, You Fascinator Me

Day Two
- Buckingham Palace
- Harrods
- Church at Hyde Park building
- High Tea at Kensington Palace
- Platform 9 3/4
- Fish and Chips

Our tour guide/slave driver, let us sleep in until 8:30 Sunday morning.
Bless her.

Once we were ready for church, we took a bus to Harrods to look around for awhile before church started. I mentioned that London is getting ready for the Olympics and they have the flags from all participating countries put up. It looks awesome, especially from a double decker bus.

Buckingham Palace

What a babe (not posy at all).

We got to Harrod's about thirty minutes before it opened, so we waited.
We weren't the only ones though. There were people up the YING waiting for those blessed doors to open.

So we headed down the street to Accessorize (Britain's version of Claire's) and started trying on hats and fascinators. 

And here is life's most burning question:

Why don't we wear hats and fascinators?
It boggles my mind.
Actually it boggles all the female Kardashian minds. So we bought ... a few (10) ... to bring back to the states in hopes that we can get a little trend started.

What you see Kim Kardashian wearing on US Weekly, you see everybody else wearing soon after, right? 

When I got home and showed Nick my fascinator(s), he was silent for a moment and then tactfully said, "So where are you going to wear that?"

I'm still trying to come up with a response. I've thrown around the idea of "Fascinator Sunday" at the Jordan house. I'll sit down to dinner in my fascinator or hat and feel like Ms. Middleton, only fatter as I stuff my face with homemade rolls. 

You have to admit, its a valid suggestion.

Finally Harrod's opened.
I honestly have no words to describe it. We headed straight to the food court (duh!). We'd heard it was legendary.

It is.

Let's just say there is no Sbarro at the Harrod's food court.

I may have heard this conversation at the Moroccan section.
"Excuse me sir, can you hold my four Fendi purses and Burberry jacket while I run and grab a few more pairs of Jimmy Choos?"

Okay, maybe not. But I was feeling super classy in there. 

Typical me, chilling by the pastries.

Do you blame me though?

That would be octopus in the food court.

Honestly everything you could possibly imagine - they have.

Even half a watermelon for 20 pounds!
What a steal.

Jennica, this picture is for you:
La Duree inspired.

And the chocolate.

We didn't have time to eat, but we vowed to come back and eat lunch there before we left. 
(We came back the next day)

Prince Albert Memorial

Hot Mama Kardash


More awkward.

Aaaaaaaaand more awkwardness.

I'll stop stating the obvious.

High Tea at Kensington Palace.

This was one of my favorite things the whole trip.
I felt so regal (especially after drooling at Harrod's and buying a crapload of fascinators) and delicate as I stuffed scones and pastries down my throat amidst the Kensington Orangery. 

We had hot cocoa too.

It was so fun and girly. We each had our own teapot and three-tiered dessert tray. 
We left absolutely STUFFED.

We stopped by King's Cross to pay homage to HP.

Day Two was good to us!


Kate Magleby said...

Your lipstick is fierce. Love it!

jennica said...

i just love reading these posts. i am so happy you got to go back! (although there is some serious jealousy going on) im so honored that you thought of me. oh how i crave macarons and la duree and you! its time to see you guys again!
we should talk on the phone and catch up! i would love that!