Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tragedy of the Fungus

Herein lies the greatest tragedy ever told,
About a close cousin of the nastiest mold.
The mold’s cousin named fungus was especially vile,
For it lived on the head of an unfortunate child.

The child’s mother claimed it was trendy and all worthwhile,
But seven years passed and the child hardly smiled.
She endured the worst and then endured more,
For having bad hair is the ugliest chore.

Her siblings made fun of their sister the mushroom,
But secretly hoped that someday she would bloom.
Bloom she did not, but eventually the girl’s hair grew,
Proving once and for all what everyone knew.

That this tragic story could simply not be farce,
Dramatic, but true? You bet your arse.



Kate Magleby said...


sheila said...

Cutest mushroom fungi EVER! Don't you think you are being just a LITTLE dramatic? Love the prose!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love it. You are too funny. Very impressed with your words. You were such a cute little mushroom! Way cuter than my mushroom head...

Arleene said...

Oh Syd, I too had a bit of a mushroom head:( It was traumatic to say the least. Let's not mention it any longer...

Darcee said...

HaHaHa! Almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. If anyone can rock the mushroom cut, it's you. Yes, Nick, I used the word "rock".

The Potters said...

I had the SAME hair cut when i was little!!! Dang mushroom!!! I feel your pain.