Monday, December 13, 2010

Eat Your Feelings

I've settled on a nursery theme.
And its delicious.
It's going to be a french dessert theme. I figured it would complement our baby's luscious chubby thighs. I don't want too much pink, so I'm leaning towards a multi-colored macaroon/cupcake/pastry theme.
Plus, its important to instill values in your children before they even exit the womb. So I've been eating lots of pastries in hopes that it will wet her appetite for french refinery once she's here. Imagine waking up to a room covered in all things a la france... you'd be a happy baby too.
Plus I have to start the brainwashing early on, if I want my daughter to study abroad in France so I have an excuse to go visit her, I need her to think SHE came up with the whole thing.
Nick can thank me later for the genius that I am.


Arleene said...

From a fellow pastry fiend, I have one word to say: Genius.

Rach said...

LOVE it!

Darcee said...

I LOVE the theme and am constantly on the look out to help add some fun to the nursery!

Aimee said...

thats going to be adorable.... are you guys going to be living in washington?

The Potters said...

you are hillarious! what a cute and unique theme! Have fun! Will the nursery be at your parents house??

Travis and Whitney said...

We didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you guys! Good luck with everything!