Friday, December 3, 2010

Fat Weeks Pregnant

It's all downhill from here. I am 20 and a half weeks pregnant and guess what?

I just look fat. Isn't that awesome?

I am so jealous of all those cute pregnant ladies who can post darling pictures of their "baby bump." I don't quite have a bump, but I've definitely got some lumps - fat lumps that is. I feel like my hard work should be paying off. Day and night I work constantly and what do I have to show?
36 ding-dongs, several fried chicken legs, and a large pepperoni pizza attached to my gut.
Like I said, I am awesome.
Poor Nick, his wife is going to give birth to a giant assortment of pastries and fried foods instead of a sweet baby girl.
Don't believe me?

That said, feeling our little beignet kicking all day long is totally worth it. When Nick asks what it feels like, I usually resort to quoting one my favorite movies, Baby Mama, "It feels like if you ate a meatball sandwich, and that meatball sandwich is kicking you."

We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple of days ago. The tech said everything looks great - 2 arms, 2 legs, a working bladder, four pumping heart chambers, strong spinal cord, AND some huge fatty thighs. I can already tell I've done my part in transferring at least a small, or I guess a large portion of my DNA to our snickerdoodle. She's definitely part-Smart, with the thighs to prove it.

If you're still reading, here is a picture of my parents over Thanksgiving break. They came to celebrate Grandma Phyl's 80th birthday. The party was super Smarty and just a blasty-blast all-around.
A total Betty and a total Baldwin:

Everyone with Phyl

We also went to Temple Square to see the lights. Darel hadn't seen them since my stretch pants phase and Chelsea's polka dot sweatshirt and side-pony phase. Lets just say, it had been a while since Lil' D had experienced the majesty of Temple Square.

Phyl, the Betty, and the Baldwin

BCF (Best Cousins Forever)

We are also moving to Yakima in TWO WEEKS. By the looks of our house, you would think we planned on staying in Utah forever.
I haven't packed one thing. Seriously, nothing.
I'm hoping Dobby the House Elf will magically show up to not only to clean and pack my house, but to tell me that they lost my Hogwarts acceptance letter 12 years ago and they would like me to resume my witch's training post-holidays.
Not even my wannabe pregnant gut could get me down after news like that.


Darcee said...

I know you feel fat, but seriously, I think you look great considering you are over half-way there. Think of it this way--your stretch marks will be less severe (or hopefully non-existent) the more weight that is distributed throughout your body, even if you don't feel like the cutest pregnant person. In the long run, it's better. Trust me. As for the thighs of your baby, well Ally and her BCF will have to fight it out for the Thunder Thigh Trophy.

sheila said...

Syd, I think you are the cutest little pregnant wife ever. You hardly even look pregnant for that matter and think of the lovely perfect prize you'll receive in the end. Sorry about her thighs, you can blame that problem on me. (Can't wait to get you here in 2 weeks, GET packing!)

Arleene said...

You crack me up!
And you don't even look fat, crazy.
You look lovely:)
Hope the packing gets done and have a safe trip you two!


Rachey Smart said...

You look great, you silly silly girl. And I saw you in person a week ago so I know first hand. You hardly look prego! All the pics at Temple Square are sweet. I love how the lights turned out!!

Stacy Allen said...

Moving to Yakima?!?!? How long are you going to be there for. We must get together!

S.A.R. said...

You are an adorable pregnant woman!

And pregnant ladies don't have to pack. Baby daddies do. :)

When will our paths ever cross again?!