Sunday, November 7, 2010


I love November. It rivals December for the greatest month of the year award. This November is no exception. Its been busy and I know its only going to get crazier - Bring it On!
This weekend was particularly eventful.

Exhibit A

Spa Night. Who says you have to go out to have a date? Snick knows how to party no matter where the party is at. While it may look like Snick got two brow lifts, two nose jobs, cheek implants, and chin reconstruction this weekend, I assure you it was just several biore strips. Haven't you ALWAYS wondered if those things really work? You know, the gorgeous teen on tv with virtually NO BLACKHEADS puts a biore strip on her nose and voila! She's got a blackhead farm on her leftover biore strip!
Well, we decided to test the integrity of the biore strip during our spa night.

The Verdict: Biore strips are legit! They totally work. Except I'm still wondering how no-blackhead girl had so many more on her strip than I did, but whatever. And my apologies for the lack of happy faces in the picture. You literally CANNOT move your face with those things on. Its like paper mache on your face! But I promise we really did have fun as we de-blackheaded our faces and watched several episodes of 30 Rock. Married life is just grand, if I do say so myself.

In slightly less disturbing and personal news, we were able to attend a baby blessing today. Our dear friends the Tranes, blessed their baby Austin this morning and it was wonderful! Can't wait for it to be our baby! But seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I was so emotional during the whole thing. I'll blame the pregnancy hormones, but in all reality, I think I just love babies. They are so precious.

Here we are with the Tranes and the Ellingsons (other dear friends). Please ignore my fat face and skin tight skirt. Nothing fits me right now. Pretty sure I had to crisco my rear end to get it into my skirt this morning. Oh, and that was after Nick ripped off two finger nails trying to zip up my skirt.

Speaking of precious babies. We find out on Tuesday if we are having a boy or girl. I'm so excited that even typing that practically gave me an anxiety attack. (In a good way, I promise). But seriously, I can't wait to know the gender of our snickerdoodle - it will make my online browsing much more efficient. Luckily, as my Dad has kindly pointed out ohhhhhh... probably 40 times, Darrell makes a good name for a boy or a girl, so either way we already have a name! ....

In other precious baby news, Snick is flying to Portland for female Snick's birthday on Wednesday. I can't wait to squeeze Cole, Keith, and little Ally. I know they are probably counting down the days until they get to see me too. Grandma She-She, Puffy, and D-Licious will also be in attendance - you do the math. Wednesday = Pure Awesomeness.

This week is a big one for us. See you on Tuesday for a Snickerdoodle update.


Amanda Jeffs said...

Good to know about the biore strips. I had always wondered...
Can't wait for your Tuesday post!

chelsea said...

Male SNICK, I hope you realize you lost serious street cred for allowing female SNICK to post this pick of you. You did how every gain a little back by criscoing her into her skirt. Way to go! have fun in the real Ptown!!

Darcee said...

Can't wait to see you Wednesday!!! I cannot believe Nick let you take a picture of him wearing those biore strips! Glad to know that they work! Can't wait to find out about snickerdoodle! wahooooo!

Money and Moni said...

I am SO excited to hear!!

Kiley said...

Syd! So excited for you to find out about your baby! You will be the coolest/hottest mom ever. miss you.