Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keeping up with the REAL Kardashians

Some of you may have heard of the hit reality TV Show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.
The hip, hot, and totally outrageous family is actually based on the lives of the Smart family, who wished to remain anonymous despite their immense popularity and ridiculously amazing genes. Allow me to demonstrate:

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner: THE PARENTS

Bruce Jenner is a former Olympian who is famous not only for his good looks but his macho athletic skills. Bruce loves his daughters and enjoys joking around with Kris whenever he gets a chance.

Kris is a total Betty (obviously) and her daughters thank her everyday for contributing such fabulous genes to their family pool. Kris is always trying to help out her kids and is famous for her hilarious one-liners.

Kourtney Kardashian: THE OLDEST SISTER

Kourt is the shortest of all her sisters, but as the oldest, she often has to rein in her younger sibs. She is the only Kardashian with children and she is totally the best mom ever.

Kim Kardashian: THE HOTTIE

Kim is the most popular of all the Kardashians - in fact, the show is mostly about her. She is a workaholic, but loves her job, and many say that she is destined for success here in the states and abroad. Oh, and she's totally popular.

Khloe Kardashian: THE MIDDLE SISTER

Khloe is the most inappropriate Kardashian sister, always making jokes in awkward situations and she often enjoys pestering her sibs. She recently got married to Lamar Odom, who is much taller than her.

Rob Kardashian: THE BROTHER

Poor Rob. He is the only Kardashian boy and his life has been one of constant torment, thanks to his sisters. He's totally gorgeous and often dates girls that annoy his sisters, just because he can.

Kendall Jenner: THE BABY SISTER

Kendall is sporty, and often wears scrubs around the Kardashian house all day. She loves when her older sibs come to visit so she's not always stuck with Kris and Bruce.


The youngest of all the Kardashians. Kylie's best friend is Kendall - you rarely see them without one another.

Is it simply a coincidence that the Kardashians want to be just like the Smart family?
I don't think so.


chelsea said...

Totally not a coincidence!! I am seriously cracking up right now. I think we should contact Ryan Secrest about getting our own show. People would totally watch it. PS. how is that little snickerdoodle?

Nick said...

Do I have to be Lamar Odom? Last Friday he sat out of the Lakers game against the Warriors due to a "sore thumb". Seriously, I am petitioning to be someone else. As for everyone else, I think the positions are not only fitting but educational for those of us who do not have the time or energy to keep up with absurd "reality" shows. This post and further explanations over dinner concerning the similarities between these two world-renown families (Smarts & Kardashians) have help me to better understand the short clips I do sometimes catch glimpses of.

sheila said...

Ok, I am practically wetting my pants with laughter!! This post is hilarious Syd. Where did you get that picture of Khloe? Funny, funny, funny! P.S. Nick, you are way more tough than Lamar Odom! Seriously, can you picture him on top of Rainer?? Heck, he can't even swim. (Did you see that episode when Khloe was trying to teach him?) I guess surfing would be out of his league too.

Nancy said...

Ha ha ha! Syd, you crack me up. Can I add that the Smarts are the non-slutty version of the Kardashians and are therefore a cut above. And, I have to say it makes me laugh knowing that you even watch that show! Ha ha!

Darrell said...

I feel like I really know the Kardisians, even though I have never seen the show. You are too much! And to think I remind anyone of Bruce Jenner is quite a stretch--but thank you.

The Potters said...

wow i never realized that even their birth order of genders is the same as the smarts. Except that last one, who was she?? Are you the innappropriate one like Klohe? Anyway, I totally love the Kardashians, it's an embarrassing little addiction. I love you smarts too:) Does this mean Klohe is prego? I know she was trying/wanting for a while, and even may have gotten preggers, and then lost it right? If I remember correctly.