Thursday, July 30, 2009

Easy Money?

I love being married. I love my husband. And I think our life is pretty darn awesome.

However, I do not love being poor.

Conversation of the Week:

Wife: "Hey do you think if we have any extra money I could buy a new shirt for school or something?"

Husband: "Not unless you get a second job."

End of conversation.

Later that day in French class I witnessed a miracle. Yes, a true and everlasting miracle.

My professor passed around a sign up sheet to take French tests for money.

I didn't even read the fine print before I signed up.

But I should have.

Tuesday-Friday of this week from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM I'm taking voluntary French tests. So far it's been awful working 8-5 everyday and going straight to testing for FOUR hours every night, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize.

THE PRIZE: $275 cold, hard, buy-a-new-shirt-for-school-when-you're-poor cash.

Sure I have to listen to a monotone French woman talk my ear off endlessly each night, but my friend Fifi can't stop me from taking that money and running - not driving or taking the bus. But running to the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (August 3) to get the cheaper prices.

And by the way, all my suffering is worth way more than a stinkin' shirt. So I found a coat.

My black winter coat from my sophomore year of high school died last year. It had a good life, but when the fashion wears out and so do the armpits, you've got to find love in the arms of new black, cuter than cute, complete with ruffles and huge buttons, black winter coat.

Here she is:


Nick said...

I would pretend to know French just to take those tests so I could purchase my 12-ft, fully seamed, $300 whitewater raft. Way worth it for the end prize. I'm proud of you babe!

Julie and Andy said...

Nice work Sydney! You crack me up! By the way that is a way cute coat!

sheila said...

Nick you are a gem. Thank you for teaching my daughter something that I never could. You rock! (So do you Syd! I am so very proud.) P.S. That coat is awesome. One thing I did teach you was good taste!

Camee Anderson said...

this worth it. yay! --Camee

Darrell said...

You are personality plus for sure. We miss you being at home for sure, but your posts keep us connected to the zest that defines you.