Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Accio Harry!

You better believe this invitation was addressed to the Jordans! Well, one half of the Jordans. Nick received this email at work and thanks to our marital status I can mooch off my husband.
I wish I could explain how completely excited I am for this opportunity.
If only the cast were going to be there I could hug Ronald Weasley myself.
I have often dreamt of being a witch. Chanting spells and flying on broomsticks. I feel at times I could have out-smarted Snape better than Harry himself. And now I finally get the chance to live all my daydreams at a private showing of Harry Potter!
Thank goodness for awesome husbands.


Darcee said...

OK. I'm so jealous. My luck I'll be going to the midnight showing by myself. I wish I could mooch of you guys, too!

Haley Hiatt said...

Yay for H.P. We're going next week too.
xoxo, Haley

Darrell said...

I still haven't seen it. We keep trying to go, but between Church work and Work work, no time. I'm so jealous.