Monday, February 9, 2015

The Reader's Hangover

 Its no secret that I enjoy reading. However, I've lately been feeling the absence of a good book in my life. One of my New Years resolutions was to read more, specifically to take one day a week (regardless of how busy I am) and read for an hour. Well ... do you know any reader who can only read for an hour? My friend recommended this book about a Lithuanian girl during WWII who is sent to a Siberian labor camp (its called Between Shades of Grey - unfortunate title, given how much publicity that STUPID BOOK THAT I WILL NOT NAME IS GETTING) Anyway, I picked it up to just read for an hour and SIX HOURS LATER aka 2:00 in the morning, Nick rolls over and bumps into my headlamp and he's like, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS. YOU HAVE CHILDREN."
And I sort of did, when I woke up with a headache and swollen eyes and terrible dry mouth. But then I remembered the high that I get when I finish a good book after a marathon of reading ... and I'm already looking for my next conquest (amazing book).

Moving on. Now that Anna doesn't take two naps a day, we are getting out more! (read: Target Debit Card is a good idea) Anna seems to enjoy unlimited time with me ... so getting out is a must.

Ev pretends to take "naps," with her "friends."
Should I be concerned that she still cares more about her stuffed animals than actual human beings?

These pictures are old, but whatevs.
Here we are at Evie's Preschool Christmas program.
It was cute and hilarious all rolled into one. I try not to be one of those parents who is obnoxiously proud of their child, but when I saw Ev up there in the front row, picking her nose and yawning and scratching her face ... I was proud. 
Seriously proud! 
My kid picks her nose cuter than your kid.
And that's a fact.

I also should mention that I am the world's worst mother and forgot to dress her in fancy clothes. So when she showed up in leggings and a top and all the other kids looked like Sacks Fifth Avenue... I ran home and started digging through the laundry basket, because luck would have it ... not a single church dress was clean. Anyway, I found one that didn't have chocolate or boogers smeared on it and ran back to the school (it's five minutes away).

Leopard is the new Christmas print, right?
Either way, Ev rocked it.

So grateful my Grandparents live close to us and that they are incredibly supportive (even for stupid things like preschool programs). Had to get a four generations girl shot.

This uploaded for some reason and its a terrible video, but Anna's in it so I'm physically incapable of deleting it, for fear that I will destroy a drop of the world's most adorable cuteness. 

I have mentioned this before, but she is LITERALLY obsessed with socks. She whines for me to put them on her constantly and she often wears more than one pair at a time.
I always oblige.

Some snapchats!

Here's another awesome story about my parenting.
My mom buys all of her grandkids Christmas outfits (which I love!) and they are always just darling. Usually around Thanksgiving, my girls start wearing them and they wear them through the new year. Well I'm an idiot and forgot to wash them so on Christmas Sunday I was like ... SON OF A BEE STING WHAT THE HECK ARE MY KIDS GOING TO WEAR...IS A SWIM COVERUP APPROPRIATE FOR CHRISTMAS SUNDAY??! Then I found these outfits in a bin. Ally's Christmas outfit from last year fit Ev perfectly and Ev's outfit fit Anna. BAM! And Christmas miracles live on, people.

Evelyn insisted on posing with her Bitty Baby. Its name is Charlie Bumble Kitten Socks. At least it was last time I asked. I'm sure her name has changed by now.

Then I asked Ev to take a picture of Nick and I. The result? A series of the most awkwardly angled pictures in the history of the universe. Thanks Ev!

Charlie and Bear Evelyn HAD to be in this picture with us.

The best part about Christmas was having Darel home. We weren't all together (Darcee was too busy having a baby or something so their family couldn't make it), but it was still amazing to have Lil D back krumping and making ditzy comments.

Our Christmas Eve tradition for dinner is appetizers.
The fruit and cheese plate always steals the show.

Although my mom made this hummus that was pretty dang tasty. 

All the cooks.

And one with the food, since that's all that really matters.

A Christmas Eve tradition that Nick's family does is pajamas. Nick's mom ships them to us and we let the girls open them Christmas Eve. I wanted to start some variation of this in our family, so I've started getting the girls slippers to go with their jammies. 

Anna was a huge fan of Christmas Eve ... obviously.

Everyone's water cups: Busta Rhymes, Betty Boop, Tauriel, Legolas, Hulk Hogan, Evster.

A good time was had by all!


jennica said...

Ok skinny minny!!!! Seriously how good do you look! Even with ev's amazing angles. 😂 oh my gosh I love your blog never stop! And I want to read that book! I felt the same way and like my brain was turning to mush after all my tv watching so Of course I thoght I would tackle the Harry Potter series .. Again. That was an amazing decision, but now I'm having trouble finding a book that I can get into again. Nothing quite compares to living in the hogwarts world.

Alix said...

Haha! Love everything about this post. Especially the fact that you put your kids in semi-dirty clothes on occasion--totally guilty of that! As of right now, Lucas has only one or two outfits for church. More often than not, Sunday comes around and I'm like DANG IT, dirty clothes it is. AND definitely need to read more too...I have two books coming in the mail and I'm hoping to find some time to read...somehow!