Thursday, February 26, 2015

Annual Cheesy Birthday Poem

At the top of a mountain or down in a cave,
there is no one so bold or absolutely brave.
He conquers trout, steelhead and frisky bass,
finding time to help others, cuz he's first class.

It's hard to list his talents and skills,
working day and night to pay our bills.
Sure he's risking his life stepping over that crevasse,
And he's almost never a pain in the... butt.

An outdoorsman of the utmost elite,
Doing pull-ups at crossfit, he's bringing the heat.
Does he ever let up, give up or let me down?
Heck no! He's reliable all around.

Snow, water, ice, H2O is his thing,
100% effort, he always does bring.
And bring it he does when he gets dressed,
looking snazzier and classier than the rest.

Perfect hair, tall physique and biceps to boot,
That's certainly why our kids are so cute.
Speaking of children, there's nothing they love more,
 than their spiffy dad, walking through the door.

Getting up every day at the crack of dawn,
Perky, happy and rested, no trace of a yawn.
A zest for life, a charitable heart,
I loved this boy right from the start.

Adventurous and willing to try it all,
his lip-syncing skills are off the wall.
A lover of exercise, weather and nature,
his ice cream eating skills are more than major.

Once a gangly dork, looking for action,
Dauntless would certainly be his faction. 
He even shoots baskets like his man, LeBron.
Shooting the lights out all day long.

Perhaps what makes him most extraordinaire,
is the fact that he never sits in a chair.
A standing desk he prefers at his job,
at home on a medicine ball he does bob.

He loves hiking and mountains and me, of course.
And he easily looks like a God of the Norse.
His desire to travel is what gets me though,
now all we need is a whole lotta dough. 

He can talk politics and sports by the gallon,
never missing an episode of Jimmy Fallon.
I make him watch New Girl, Mindy & Castle,
snuggling with me never seems like a hassle.

Piano instrumental music is his jam,
he loves reading books to his fam.
He loves quality movies, like Fast and the Furious,
how Vin Diesel got famous, he's never curious.

He'll gladly give you the shirt off his back,
but give him bad service and you're listed as black.
He lives life to the fullest, my moral man,
Living the gospel the best that he can.

I couldn't ask for a better soul mate,
on Friday nights, he's the premier of dates.
Happy birthday to you, my studly suitor,
you could not be smarter, more perfect or cuter. 

1 comment:

jennica said...

Seriously syd. You have got TALENT! oh what I would do for your amazing poetry writing skills. i just didn't want it to end!!! 😂😂 Oh and nick is pretty cool too. Happy bday nick!