Thursday, February 19, 2015

The First New Elle

The rest of Christmas break was spent snuggling babies, skiing, eating, playing games, completing puzzles, watching LOTR and basically having way too much fun.

The Sheas.

Everyone got to enjoy a snuggly Anna.

I'm funny.

Blue cheese cream sauce for the steak. You are probably thinking ... what's the big deal? Its just sauce. Let's just say I pass on the steak and just eat the sauce.
Please pour it over my dead body.

Evil game players.

Thank you Dollar Store.

Snuggling, matching and watching a movie on Grandma/Grandpa's bed. 

She literally wore these every day for an entire month.

Also, my house is super clean.
Pretty sure Anna is eating garbage in the background.

Anna enjoys eating at Evie's Bistro too.

She is such a stinker.

A stinker who loves to eat toilet paper.
Dream big, Anna.

Okay, by far the best part of Christmas?
Meeting Elle.
There is nothing like having a new baby around the holidays. Ellen Jan, we have been waiting for you a long time! Welcome to our crazy family.
Also, ignore my nasty face in this picture.

Seriously! This baby. She is PERFECT. Look at that little chin! Burnett chin genes cannot be taken down, and for that ... I am grateful. 

Chelsea Jan and Ellen Jan.

Snug Life.

Don't you wish this picture was a scratch and sniff?!

We made Darel shower before she met Elle.

On New Years Day, we went to Salty's. A buffet that is actually okay in my book. If you know me, I'm not a huge fan of eating food that has been sitting in a warming tray for five hours, BUT Salty's was delicious. And the company was fantastic. Everybody in the same place for the first time in several years.

I mostly chatted with Ally about her friends, Strawberry Shortcake and soccer.

Anna out ate EVERYONE.

Our family.
We barely fit in one photo. What that says about us ... I'm not sure.

Scrunchy face!

Nick and I took the girls skiing one day. And by that I mean we stuck them in daycare and let Ev have a ski lesson. See ya kids! (totally worth it!)

I had never skied at Meadows before and I loved it. 
Plus, babies in snow gear?! Yes, please.

Most expensive date of our lives, but like I said, totally worth it.

A lot of this happened once Darel was home from the mission. 18 months of bottled up aggression, passion and krumpin'. 

My favorite picture in a long time. Such sweet, perfect children in our family. Obviously, its hard to look at this and not miss Keith, but we feel incredibly blessed. Kids make Christmas so special, especially these guys.

Ally (5), Elle (2 weeks), Cole (7), Anna (1), Ev (3).

Can you say Ally, Elle, Evie, Anna five times fast?
Neither can we.

Also, if I'm still blogging about Christmas on St. Patrick's Day... pinch me.

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jennica said...

Your blog post title is pure genius. And Elle is to DIE for!!!