Sunday, March 30, 2014

Slappy Cakes

On Valentine's Day we went to brunch in Portland at Slappy Cakes.

It was so fun. You pick your type of pancake batter and toppings and then you cook your own pancakes by yourself. Ev was in heaven.

She insisted on having her own menu.

Her face when Nick told her she could have chocolate chips in her pancakes.

You would think I never let her have sugar or something, which we all know is a total lie. 

I think Anna had a good time (she slept like the angel baby she is).

I chose sweet potato batter and Nick and Ev shared the plain buttermilk.

Turbo the snail.

It was delicious and pretty dang fun. 

I honestly cherish these moments we get as a family. I feel like its so rare that we get to have a whole day to do whatever we want together. And even though its such a pain to haul our toddler and infant around, wait in line to eat and then grapple them while we attempt to eat ourselves, its still worth it to me. 


Sheila Smart said...

I want to go to "Slappy Cakes' with Evie and Anna!

jennica said...

What a cool place! Sweet potato pancakes!!? Ok why does Anna have so much hair! More than when I saw you. I love her!!! and evie's choc chip face. She is the best drama.

Darrell said...

Slappy cakes is definitely on my list to do with the kids now.