Saturday, March 8, 2014

Honey & Butter

When Ev was a baby we started calling her 'Honey Bear.' We still call her that all the time, except now its been shortened to 'HB.' When we talk about her, Nick and I almost always refer to her as the 'HB.' When we play hide-and-seek I always whisper, "Ohhh Honey Bear, where are you?" To which Ev usually responds, "The Honey Bear is here!" (she doesn't quite understand the concept of NOT wanting to be found yet) We found a book at the library called, A Book for Honey Bear, and we've checked it out for three consecutive weeks now. Ev loves it. 

So when Anna came along we knew she couldn't be the Honey Bear since we already had one, so we started called her a ton of other things. One thing I've always called her is 'Butter.' She is so deliciously edible and despite being light, she's packing some serious rolls underneath that onesie. So you know where this is going - Butter, became Butter Bear and now we have two little bears. When we get in the car to go somewhere I often say, "Do we have the Honey and Butter bears?" Ev usually responds, "I'm here! But Anna is here but she can't talk." Once the bears are accounted for, we are on our way. (And I realize now this all makes me sound like a weirdo, but there's no denying so why try and hide who I am)





Sheila Smart said...

Ain't nothing better than honey butter!

Darrell said...

Adorable pics! thx

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

I need to see your cute girls and snuggle Anna next time you are in town! Such cuties! Oh and Mae has the green and pink onesies and Paris shirt that Anna has so they are bound to be bff's.