Sunday, March 31, 2013

No Bunny Does It Like These Bunnies

I'm convinced.
Kids make every holiday more fun, more entertaining, and more meaningful. 
We've had an awesome couple of weeks, but since today was the highlight, I'm going to start with Easter and work backwards.

Technically, this first batch of photos is not from today, but its all in the spirit of Easter, so here we go.
A friend in our ward hosted an Easter party at her house (which is UH-mazing, seriously - I'm lusting after her yard and home) and Ev got to experience her first real egg hunt. She really grasped the concept quickly and it was hilarious to watch her pick up eggs. At first she wanted to open each egg and eat the candy before moving on to the next egg, but eventually we were able to coax her into pursuing eggs first, devouring candy later. (She is her father's daughter)

A few people at the party commented on Ev's vintage basket. It was mine as a child, which explains why it screams 1990. 

When Ev wasn't looking, her "friend" William kept stealing her eggs. I'm actually proud of William for finally fighting back after months of aggravation and bullying from Evelyn.

Quintessential Evelyn right here. Basket, Ket, and her "purse," containing several of her kitties and Dora car keys. We went to Subway two weeks ago and they put her sandwich in this nasty Phinneas and Ferb bag (never seen it, but it looks freaky) and Ev has since called it her purse and carried it with her EVERYWHERE. Each day she puts a couple of her friends in it and they stay there all day (until they have to retire for bed in Ev's crib).

This morning was so much fun. I could hardly sleep because I couldn't wait for Ev to wake up and find her Easter basket. I had the time of my life filling her eggs and setting out her basket.
An egg trail to help Evie find her Easter Basket.

The Easter Bunny brought Evie an assortment of Dollar Bin finds and two books to remind her of the Savior and the true meaning of Easter.

I think she figured something was up this morning when Nick came in with the camera and I came in singing "Happy Easter, Evelyn!"

She had to open each egg before moving on to the next. Luckily, I learned from Ev's egg hunt earlier in the week and put a few non-candy items in her eggs (stickers, mini fluffy chicks, stamps, and hello kitty hair clips).

When she came around the corner and saw her basket, her face looked like this:


Just ignore me in this pic, we were trying to get a picture of Ev in her dress, but she wouldn't look at the camera unless I was squatting next to her. Thanks Grandma She-She for the adorable Easter dress!

We were able to sneak a family picture after church.

Happy Easter!


Darcee said...

Ev is the cutest egg-hunter! My kids also struggled with the concept of hunting first and opening later. The anticipation is too great! She looks so cute in her dress! We need to get a pic of the girls in their dresses.

Maureen and Nathan said...

So much cuteness. I seriously can't get enough of her hair! It is so stinkin' cute and curly! Love it!! You are such a fun mama!!!

Darrell said...

Wish we were there to enjoy all of this with you guys!