Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Confessions and Obsessions

I do not remember my child ever looking like this.
Who is this adorable baby? 

Hello Kitty

Our world revolves around Hello Kitty. I recently bought Ev this stuffed Hello Kitty at Old Navy. She has slept with it every night since. When we go to the store, Hello Kitty rides in my purse. When we drive to Portland, Hello Kitty sits in the carseat. When we dine, Hello Kitty dines with us.
There is rarely a moment that Hello Kitty and Ev are not together.

She talks to and about Kitty all day. If she has a bow in her hair, she will point to Hello Kitty's bow and say, "Kitty, bow." Ev will take a bite of food and then politely offer Kitty some. Ev even volunteers Kitty to say the prayer at lunchtime. 
In addition to her actual Hello Kitty, Ev has copious amounts of Hello Kitty stickers and coloring books which get used everyday. When we draw, she always asks me to draw "kitties." 
Even more interesting, Ev would not eat fruit snacks until we were walking down the cereal aisle and she spied Hello Kitty fruit snacks. Now she pummels through a box of those babies a week.

This is how we do road trips.
Ev watches movies on her personal DVD player. Her favorite movie to watch right now is "Puppies."
(101 Dalmatians)
Keith used to call that movie "Puppies," and when Ev pulled it out I called it that and the name has stuck. She asks to watch it constantly and on road trips she won't watch anything else. 


Ev loves to dress up in hats, shoes and various other things (like the tutu pictured below).
She knows 4 colors (pink, orange, purple, blue), so she always picks things that are in a color she can say. "Pink skirt, blue shoe, purple napkin, etc"

I hope these two get married.
They are such cute little friends. And by friends, I mean frenemies since Ev is such a bully to Will. They have a very Regina George-Gretchen Weiners relationship. Ev tells Will what to do and steals toys from him and Will secretly cries in the bathroom because he's too nice to take any toys back.

I made some shape magnets and then bought some animal ones at TJ Maxx, and Nick's mom sent us some fruits and vegetables. Ev loves to point to each magnet and say what it is. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of parallelogram, but we're working on it.

These two are the cutest.
Since Nick doesn't see Ev as much as I do, after family prayer I leave Ev's room and Nick shuts the door and they read stories and play together. It's hilarious to stand by the door and listen to them. They play with flashlights and talk and wrestle.
It's the best.

Onion goggles.
Call me high maintenance, but I cannot cut an onion without these. I keep all my random kitchen gadgets in a drawer where Ev can play with them and she has really glommed onto these goggles. She wears them while eating a lot of the time and will even play in them.

My kid eats at least 3 popsicles a day.

We have a little pond by our apartment complex that we walk to a couple times a week. Ev chases the geese and steps in a heap load of poo. 

This is my favorite Ev face.
Pouty sleepy lips - so lush!

This girl can pound oranges. She even eats the rind sometimes! She asks to eat oranges constantly, but I try to limit her to two a day or else I'm changing diarrhea poops five times a day.

Every morning Nick is home (usually after playing basketball) he and Ev split a mango greek yogurt while watching ESPN highlights.

Clearly, my obsession is none other than the Evster. She is so much fun (and exhausting!) these days. We jump, play, bounce, sing, color, and make believe all day.
(No wonder I'm in bed by 10)


Darel said...

Love that little girl! Her outfits are the cutest. She is my obsession! But fa real, she is.

MaryJane said...

Really? They make goggles to wear when cutting onions? And they work? Good thing I didn't know about those back in the Fresh Taste Meals days! And don't tell Don Now.

Emma said...

I thought I had a super human strength -not crying while cutting onions. Then one day I cut an onion without my contacts. Turns out I'm just a regular human. It was a hard day for me.

Darrell said...

Grandpa's obsession is Evie as well. Really cute pics!

Maureen and Nathan said...

She is so cute! And you are such a wonderful active mommy!! So fun!

Darcee said...

Ev and her onion goggles?!! So cute! Andthat sideways grin while gnawing on that orange? She is the squeeziest! Can't wait to see her this week! Oh, and you two of course. :)

Darel said...

I check this blog 5.7 times a day. It's time for a new post! C'mon!