Sunday, March 17, 2013

Batman's Birthday

We are sick.
Ev has bronchiolitis. 
Nick and I have nasty colds.
Its been a long couple weeks, but I think we are on the up (hopefully).

I feel bad I never posted pics from Nick's "Batman Party."
Every year Nick threatens me about not throwing him a birthday party.
And every year I roll my eyes - because I know him well enough to know that he would hate a party in his honor. And like a good spouse, I've never thrown him a big party.

However, I can't do nothing, that would be ... lame (and probably what Nick would love).
So Ev and I made a poster and we bought Nick a mask.
And the Batman party began.

Like the true domestic goddess that I am, I outsourced Nick's cake. My friend Jessica is incredibly talented and she made this! (She even made funfetti cake and frosting since Nick won't have anything else on his birthday)

Can I get a fist pump for this amazing cake? And my amazing friends?

Batman and his cake.

Our poster.


Nick requested something to go with homemade rolls for dinner. I suggested "Sunday Dinner," which in our family means a roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. (you know, typical Mormon Sundayness)

In my family growing up, you got to pick dinner when it was your birthday. I always picked the same thing (Ina Garten's Five Cheese Penne), as did everyone else (Darel - Chinese, Shea - Filet Mignon, Dad - Mom's chocolate cheesecake, etc), but Nick always seems to pick something different, or in true Nick fashion, leave it up to me to decide. 
I hate deciding what to make for dinner. I love to cook, but just tell me what you want to eat because sometimes it gives me a headache trying to think about what people might like. I know what I want, but its not always what others want, so I get mildly stressed making such trivial decisions.
Anyway, since it was Nick's birthday, I didn't push him too hard about what he wanted and just went with "Sunday Dinner," except it was a Tuesday. 

I even canceled my RS meeting, so we had the whole night to spend as a family. Since it was a school night, we stayed home, but I had planned a night out on the town that weekend. However, Nick ended up going to California for the weekend kind of last minute, so we had to cancel our date plans. Luckily, when I drove him up to the airport to catch his flight, my sister watched Ev so Nick and I could go to dinner. We went to the Lake Oswego Grill and it was tasty. Nick got Mahi Mahi and I got a pecan veggie burger. We were both satisfied and I even got Nick to try my veggie burger and he liked it! 

And we took no pictures - yay, us.

We've actually had quite a bit going on lately, but with being sick, I haven't felt like documenting anything. I've been tired and lazy. Then I received numerous death threats from family members about a lack of pictures of Ev, so I decided to blog. 
Except this post is about Nick, not Ev, so ...

A few weeks ago we went to the Portland Children's Museum with Darc and her kids, plus Caden (Burnett cousin). Nick was even able to come with us!

Unfortunately we only took pictures on our phones, but the kids had such a fun time.

We did face painting and here's what the kids requested:
Ally: "Um, make me a hello kitty."
Cole: "Can you make me look like the Joker?"
Caden and Evie: "No."

Ironically, my kid is a lover of cats.

It was a great day!
Hopefully when I'm feeling better I'll want to blog about what's really going on in our lives this second, but a warning to those who have sent death threats - don't hold your breath.


Darrell said...

Evie looks so cute with her kitty. when are you going to get her a real cat? JK.

Rachey Elder said...

I'm not gonna lie, that cake is freaking awesome! You are the best wife ever! It's been fun reading your blog since I pretty much quit blogging, the valentines tea party was the cutest thing I've ever seen?, you guys know how to tea party! Hope you get feeling better soon:) ps. Ev is looking cute as ever. I want to steal all if her clothes.