Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sandy Pants

The best thing about Hawaii (or a great beach for that matter), is that there is something for everyone. If you're a lounger you can read and get a tan. If you're a kid you can pretend the waves are chasing you. If you're athletic you can surf, swim, or paddle board. If you are a nerd, you can build a sandcastle.

We've got a lot of nerds in our family. Well that, or we all just really really really like building sandcastles.

We met up with our friends, the Herzogs, on Christmas day for a little football game on the beach. We mixed up the teams pretty well and played to the death. And by death, I mean out of breath since no one was in shape to play on the regulation-sized football field my Dad conjectured. After we were all complaining that the field was way too long (and uphill both ways - seriously, we were playing in a small canyon) my Father replied, "How can you complain when you've got half an ocean as your playing field? If you don't like the sand, get in the water!"
And like good children, we obeyed.
A couple near-drownings and close calls later (two-hand touch began to mean two-hand SHOVE into the ocean), the score was 1 to 1. 
This is not a lie! Nobody could score, but we kept playing because SOMEBODY HAD TO WIN.
In the Spirit of Christmas, someone had to destroy another man's spirit.
Man, my family is awesome!

Anyway, here's Laurie with cute Zachary.

Just a sexy Baldwin on the beach.

Herzog Clan.

Put us in a sandcastle contest!

My kid ate a lot of Doritos.

Our motto in Maui was S.C.E.D.D.
(Snow Cones Every Damn Day!)

And what's a motto if you don't follow through?

Some people were more of a hinderance, than a help when it came to constructing our castles.


EXHIBIT B: Hinderance

And now, a series of adorable photos:

Except for this one - its more awesome, than adorable. 


Rachey Elder said...

You guys do Maui right! Your motto is clearly amazing. Those pics of Ev and your dad are some of the cutest I've ever seen!

Ps. I love your yellow swimsuit!

Darrell said...

I'm disappointed you forgot to mention who scored the winning TD.

Darrell said...

And yes, it was SCEDD!