Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm Only Halfway, So I Hope You're Enjoying this Hawaii Bidness

I have a new obsession - paddle boarding. 
We rented a few in Hawaii for the week and half we were there and it was a blast trying to figure out how to use them. Normally I try not to jump on the bandwagon of things that are hip and cool (instagram, twitter, big hipster glasses, thai food, ultimate frisbee ... all things I'm holding out on) unless I legitimately feel that it interests me or won't be a huge waste of time. I kind of judged paddle boarding - I won't lie. 
Oh look at me on my cool paddle board in my organic hemp swimsuit doing yoga while I ponder what vegan dish I will be eating for lunch after I go thrift store shopping and post a hipster instagram photo of my left leg. 
See what I mean?

And I know that none of my thoughts are logical and thai food is probably delicious and instagram is probably fun, but I just can't bring myself to accept those things yet.

But paddle boarding is a whole different story. Its really fun. Like really, really, really fun.
I paddle boarded all week. And instead of getting off the board to go eat okra in a vegan restaurant, I ate like two grilled hamburgers and an extra large shaved ice. 

And I realized that I didn't have to sell my soul to do something hip and cool like paddle boarding. And I hope I'm not giving the impression that I'm not hip and cool, because ... I am. I just don't like doing all the cool and hip things because it makes me feel less hip and cool. 
Anyway, here's some more pics of the Real Kardashians in Maui.

Please note: Our tan factor rapidly increasing.

Nick stepped on an urchin while surfing.

Check out this guys mustache. It's unreal, right? I had to pose seductively on the beach for at least 2 minutes while Darc snapped a few pics. 


Cassie said...

oh my goodness Nick! I stepped on a sea urchin in Cancun. I about died. You're probably way more tough and manly and didn't feel a thing... but I feel for you. :)

MaryJane said...

I'm living vicariously through your posts. You have no idea how much I'd like to be in Hawaii right now! Did you guys all stay in one big house? How did you find it?

Julie said...

I am totally living vicariously through your posts too! Love them. I'm glad you got to jump on the band wagon and try out paddle boarding!! I love it too. You girls tan so beautifully!

Maureen and Nathan said...

That looks like SUCH a blast- your family is so stinkin' cute! SYDNEY! YOU HAVE TO EAT THAI FOOD. It is incredibly delicious. And it is REALLY easy to make at home, and tastes unbelievable. I am going to send you some recipes. You goober.

Rachey Elder said...

But seriously, could your family's skin be any prettier?? I'm glad you tried paddle boarding, it is fun huh? Also, I held out on Instagram too... until a month ago when I caved. I am glad I did though, it's fun. I insist my cool cousin gets it! Also, WtF? Thai Food is the best food there is! Not a fad, it ain't goin' anywherre... it's just too good.

Sydney said...

MaryJane - Yes, we stayed in one big house and it was so fun to be all together!
Cassie- Nick says his foot still hurts! And its been a month!
Julie -Thanks!
Maureen - You are so right. And please send me some recipes. I am 100% a goober, but I'm stubborn and its tough to give into!
Rach - You are also right. Insta is fun and Thai is delicious. I'm just a stubborn loser.
Love you guys!

Darrell said...

I need to go back and SOON!