Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chatty Cathy, Part 3

My sister opened her mission call today. It has been the shot heard round the world (at least in our family). My dad brought up a few valid points when he said that as parents, he and my mom haven't prepared her that well for life. That said, she's going to rock the mission field like Kim K to Kanye's bank account and I can't wait to witness it! To see her open up her call, click here.

In Snickerdoodle news (the real reason for this post), we've made some entertaining changes in the verbal department. Ev now has full on conversations with people in her own language. I will ask her a question like, "Do you want a grilled cheese? Are you thirsty? Do you want to play princesses?" And she will eagerly respond with the cutest Evie Mumbo Jumbo you've ever heard.

See for yourself.

Also, she is obsessed with telling me when she "poops." Which is ironic because 90% of the time her "poops," are just toots. TMI? Sorry, being a mom desensitizes you to bodily functions.


Connor Hague said...
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Connor Hague said...

Hey Sydney! I can't tell you how happy I am that Evie loves Fievel, because that movie plus Harry Potter was my entire childhood. Can't wait to see you guys this summer! (:

Rachey Elder said...

So excited for D.A! She'll be awesome. Also, I was seriously laughing at that clip of Ev and nick...seriously too funny! "But Ev, how do you feel about gun control?" Ha ha, they are quite the pair. Her voice is adorable...which is fitting since everything about that girl is adorable! Can't believe she'll be two soon!

Destiny said...

Too Cute!!!

Darrell said...

Chatty Cathy--gee, I wonder where that comes from?!