Monday, December 5, 2011

The Clothes Horse's Dilemma

Before I had the Evster, my favorite thing in the world was picking out my outfits each day.
Then I got pregnant and suddenly getting dressed made me irritable, depressed, and slightly hysterical.

Disclaimer: For those of you who have never been pregnant, I hate to put a raincloud over your disillusions, but "pregnancy glow" DOES NOT EXIST, at least not for me anyway. The only "glow" I exhibited during my entire pregnancy was the habitual sweat on my upper lip from daily hot flashes. I wasn't a skinny girl with a cute belly, I was a blob with a triple chin. Nobody asked me if I was pregnant until I was seven months along because I just looked fat until then.
Wow, can you tell I'm bitter?

Anyway, I found myself wondering if I'd ever love getting dressed again.

Then I had a baby and I went from being slightly hysterical to completely and utterly distraught. I didn't feel like me. I looked in the mirror and saw Kirstie Alley - gahhhhhhhhh!
Everyone said I would feel like me again, just give it time, blah blah blah! I wanted my body back NOW. I didn't believe anyone (sorry Darc) when they told me that I'd ever be myself again.

*Insert epiphany about how dramatic I am*

7 1/2 months later I finally feel like me and I love getting dressed again. I love opening my closet and saying hello to long lost tops and jeans that have waited patiently for me to make them look oh-so-good! And it's not about being "skinny" for me. Its about feeling good. And I feel good when I exercise, eat healthy, and fit into my clothes because I LOVE CLOTHES.
I can't help it. I've tried.

I. cannot. deny. it.

And do you know what's better than dressing yourself?
Dressing your baby.

Its like Christmas EVERYDAY! A cute, chubby Christmas that just keeps on givin'.

Each day after our shared bowl of oatmeal, Evster and I go into her room and pick out her outfit for the day. In my mind I'm usually hoping for a minor blowout so that I can pick out two outfits for that day. (emphasis on the minor)

Sometimes Ev rocks the jeggings.

Work it girl. Your diaper bum is so lush!

Classic bootcut.

Trendy leggings in chic black.

Comfy and cute!

Casual boyfriend jean.

Disclaimer: While Evie does in fact wear the boyfriend jeans, she DOES NOT have any boyfriends. (lots of suitors though)

So there you have it. I loved getting dressed, got sad when I got pregnant because getting dressed was poo, had my baby, realized that having a baby was the best thing that happened to me, and now I want seven baby girls to dress up.

Please don't quote me on the seven girls thing.


The Davis Family said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally relate! When you're pregnant you start to wonder if you ever did have a waist... Dressing my kids is seriously my joy in life. I don't want them to grow up because they'll want to pick out their own hideous stuff, and then WHAT WILL I LIVE FOR?! Your posts always make me laugh. =)


Amanda Jeffs said...

Sydney, you are too cute! Love reading your blog!

sheila said...

Great, fun post!! Just keep those gorgeous grandchildren coming and no one gets hurt!