Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LAW SCHOOL: The Decision

Where in the world are the Jordans going to law school?

I'll give you a hint.

Quack! Quack!

That's right. Nick will be attending the University of Oregon school of law starting August 17th!
First of all, I've got to say how proud I am of my hubby. He has spent over a year studying, taking the LSAT, writing personal statements, applying to law school, researching loans, housing, and areas to live, clerking for my dad's law firm, and waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back from all the schools we applied to. After months of not knowing where law school would take us, it now seems overwhelming. We have less than a month to find a place to live, pack up and move our family to Eugene, Oregon where we'll be spending the next three years!

We are thrilled to start our newest adventure and even more excited to start it in Oregon. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Nick served in the Eugene Oregon Mission and specifically served on U of O campus. I'll have to remember to ask him if he likes being a student on campus or a missionary on campus better this fall.
2. U of O was our #1 choice.
3. We love the Northwest. I grew up here and there is no where I'd rather end up or raise my family. The Northwest, and Oregon specifically is so beautiful and we can't wait to explore the great outdoors while wearing our birkenstocks and hemp t-shirts. (Just kidding)
4. The church is so strong in Oregon and we can't wait to experience the student wards they have there. (Nick served in several of them while on his mission.)
5. The Portland temple ties with Newport Beach as my favorite temple.
6. My sister lives in Tigard (right outside of Portland) and I can't wait to be close to her. Plus Evie can hang out with her cousins.
7. U of O football games. I hope everyone reading this blog takes this as a personal invitation to come stay with us and go to a game!
8. We won't have to pump our own gas for three years. (Not really sure if this is that great, but whatev.)
9. We're only an hour and half from the coast.
10. The largest natural sea lion cave is in Oregon. (I hate animals, but I can still appreciate them from afar)
11. Eugene is ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top ten cycling communities in the US. (Nick is pumped about this one)
12. There are 9 lighthouses along the Oregon coastline. Who doesn't love a lighthouse?
13. The tallest peak in Oregon is Mt. Hood at 11,239 ft. A mountain that Nick and I have both summited.
14. The Tillamook cheese factory is in Oregon. (As the self-proclaimed Cheese Queen, you know this one gets me excited)
15. We love the rain. Seriously it makes me so happy. Plus its an excuse to buy a raincoat or two (or three or four...)

So it's obvious that Nick and I are extremely excited about our admission into U of O.
But how does Evie feel about all of this?

You tell me.

We feel so blessed to have an opportunity to attend our #1 law school. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers on Nick's behalf. And don't forget to come visit us!



Rocky said...

Congrats Nick! Best of luck!

Amanda Jeffs said...

That's awesome, Sydney! Congrats to both of you. Law school is tough to get into these days, so that is awesome that you got your #1 choice!

Tara Hibbard said...

Yay! Go Nick! I'm so excited for you guys! Does this mean we might be able to see you guys for a little in Washington before you leave!? I hope so!

S.A.R. said...

Reason 16: No sales tax! That sounds AWESOME. :)

Congrats you guys! We are so happy for you!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

so so happy for you too. We can't wait to come and visit you guys!!

chelsea said...

Quack, quack! I am so excited for you. Little E looks so good in her outfit. Counting the days to squeeze her! Congrats on all the hard work.

Matt and Amanda Ekman said...

Yay congrats!! That is so exciting to know where your finally going :) We have been going through that same stress and its tough. Matt decided to go to ASU so we are really excited. My father in law actually substitute teaches at U of O sometimes for the Constitutional Law class so maybe Nick will have a class where he's teaching (If he ever has a Mr. Ekman that's him). Well good luck with getting moved and settled! (oh ya and no sales tax is pretty dang awesome!)

Destiny said...

Hooray for you guys! Glad you got your #1 choice! I'm sure your mom is thrilled as well!

Tara Smart said...

I loved having someone pump my gas. Once your there and you don't have to get out in the rain. you'll know what i'm talkin about. So fun!!

Anna Elizabeth said...

okay first of all. Evie is extremely adorable!! seriously. sooo cute. its making me baby hungry. which is not okay considering my situation. and second of all. NICK!!! congratulations!! how exciting!! you guys are going to have such a wonderful and adventurous life! I am so excited for your little family! All that hard work in PR classes paid off Nick. such a good student.

The Potters said...

Wow! Congrats and well done! You guys deserve it! I'm glad you will be in oregon! and I think it's a great question, I wonder what he'll choose, being a missionary or student on campus? Congrats again, that's awesome!

Spencer Daw said...

You'd better be wearing cougar blue to those Oregon Cluck games!!! :) Congradulations to both of you, that's amazaing.
But seriously, no oregon green..