Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Eyes

As a Kardashian, I never thought I'd have a blue-eyed baby. In fact, I actually assumed they would eventually turn brown.
I think my assumption might be wrong, ya?


Alix Mae said...

Blue eyes and brown hair is the best! Just sayin ;)

Lindsay Rosas said...

Hey Sydney, this is Lindsay (Eckhardt) Rosas - Debbie's daughter. I stumbled across your blog not too long ago and have fallen in love! You have the sweetest little family :) I am excited for your upcoming move and adventures that await you at law school.

Joe and I cannot thank Nick enough for calling and giving Joe the advice that he did about school. His words brought so much comfort and helped us figure out quite a few things! Thank you Nick!

Anyway, I am excited for your future and I think your family is amazing!

We have a private blog. If you want to take a peek, send me your email and I will send you an invite :)

Thanks, Sydney!