Friday, July 29, 2011


Lets play two truths and a lie.
1. My baby has a tooth.
2. My baby is 3 1/2 months old.
3. My baby is sleeping through the night. <--- LIE

I tried to get a picture of the alleged tooth. However, baby Jaws immediately attacks your finger like Johnny Tsunami on a surfboard.

Here is baby Jaws, salivating, waiting for its next nipple - uhhhh, I mean snack.

The innocent killer:

If only she was this complacent when her teeth were slicing through her gums.


Tim and Norma Rose said...

Oh, thats so young. I hope shes not miserable. When are you guys moving?

Katy said...

I'm wondering if it is in the Jordan genes? Jackson's first two came in at two months. (Talk about ouch!!). Sweet little girl...hopefully she feels a little better now and has a little break before more come in!

Kiley said...

ohmygosh! that baby jaws picture is priceless! that is such your face that you make! haha miss that crazy face and miss you! Evelyn is beautiful :)