Monday, April 4, 2011

I Have the Best Friends Ever

This is Lauren, my soul sister.
Laur is detail oriented, crafty, and fashionable, which pretty much explains the whole soul sister thing.

In true "Lauren Fashion," Laur organized perhaps the cutest idea I've ever heard of: A Baby Shower through the mail. Since moving from Utah, I've really missed all my friends. I've especially missed being able to discuss baby stuff with all of them. Well, Laur being the detail oriented, crafty, and fashionable gal that she is, got ahold of all my P-town pals and sent me this:

Its beautiful, I know. And it looks so cute all set up in our car!
I feel so blessed to have such thoughtful friends. Thank you all! You are amazing! Plus in addition to being incredibly sincere and thoughtful, I pride myself on having the hottest friends ever. Seriously, check out these babes:

Mary Beary. It was love at first sight when we met each other, the rest is history. To understand the history, just check out our 57 albums on facebook just full of pictures of one another - now that is love.

One time Kiley and I dated because Mary had a super hot boyfriend. It was one of my better college semesters. Kiley also gives me a run for my money when it comes to clumsy accidents. We've both had our fair share of embarrassing moments, usually when we are together.

Here is the three of us since we are kind of a packaged deal.

Arleene is the only person who loves cupcakes, Audrey Hepburn, and Paris decor as much as I do. When she worked at Sweet Tooth Fairy, she helped me gain 5 pounds by bringing me cupcakes every other day - now that is friendship.

Heather is the only person who doesn't judge me for watching 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom. In fact, she usually watches it with me, which makes her one of my favorite people ever. Our husbands play intramural sports together/get in fights together, so we both know what its like to be embarrassed when our husbands fight people.

I wish I had a more "candid" picture of Kate and I. No one does "candid" like us. If you don't know Kate, she is hilarious. Whenever I want to laugh, I read her blog. How she comes up with some of her posts is a mystery to me - one hilarious mystery.

I love Whitney. Nick and Whitney's husband, Travis, fell in love and I knew that our future date nights with them would be nothing short of amazing. They often include eating until we are sick or just eating. Whitney is also my movie-goer pal. Nick and I have seen more movies with Whit and Trav then anybody else.

Monica is my "Lets-talk-about-gross-and-personal-topics-because-we-love-and-understand-each-other-friend." Seriously, there is not a topic we haven't discussed together. I'm never embarrassed to tell her anything because I know she will just get it. Plus when I was on study abroad with her, she fed me constantly because she always had an entire english cucumber and jar of nutella in her purse.

Ohhhhhh Jenn. Your husband always complains that I've contaminated you and brought you to the dark side of my shopping habits, but I can honestly say you are my favorite shopping partner. We've taken more nasty pictures together than any two people I know, we've slept in a twin bed together to avoid hypothermia, and we've suffered in Europe together. I think I can safely say our friendship will stand the test of time.

Lauren and I got married on the same day, in the same temple. One month later, we realized we were in the same married student ward. Since then we have bonded over cuisine, yoga, and America's Next Top Model. She is the most amazing cook I know and when I need a new tasty recipe, she is my girl.

Chelsea is technically my sister-in-law, but I often leave out the "in-law" part because she feels mostly like my sister. When I was pregnant and craving Subway everyday, Chels was the only person who would go with me every time. Plus she's my good luck charm - when shopping the Anthro sale racks, I always find something magical when I'm with her.

Here is one more of Lauren, the party planner, for good measure.

What I'm trying to say is, friends - I love you! Thank you so much for thinking of Nick and I, even though we are so far away! I miss you all like crazy, but don't worry, we'll come back to Utah with baby snickerdoodle. I can't wait to show you all my baby!


jennica said...

Yay you got the present! Lauren had such a good idea! I'm so glad she planned it so I could contribute! You are so adorable and I miss you! And that picture is so nasty of us, just to add to the other hundreds of nasties :)
happy baby time! its coming so sooon!

Darrell said...

Beautiful friends for a beautiful girl!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you are seriously too great! I can't wait to meet this beautiful baby of yours. You are a gem and we miss you both so much. I can't wait until we can finally come and visit you guys. Love you!

T & W said...

Lauren did such a good job planning this and I am glad I got to contribute a small piece and that you love it! PS ugliest picture of the year of me but you are too cute! I hope all is going well getting ready for baby!!