Monday, April 18, 2011

The Art of Snoring

Snoring. Women think it's rude and annoying, men claim it as their symbol of testosterone. Bluntly speaking, women don't see the value in what we as men of the house do for them and their loved ones by perfecting the art snoring. Those of us who proudly snore serve two purposes: 1) we sooth some and 2) we protect everyone.

I firmly believe there are those out there who truly enjoy a good rumbling from the nostrils, but I can’t statistically show that. If anyone can help in proving this statement please come forward now. Moving on to purpose number two and this is where the meat of this debate really lies. Snoring ultimately protects the household. Question: What person in their right mind would climb into a den when they can clearly hear a bear snoring inside? Next question: What person in their right mind would climb into my house when they can clearly hear my deep, manly, intimidating roaring? Point made.

It is fact that we as humans are products of our environment, so it should come as no surprise to hear that my talented and gorgeous daughter is an exact replica of what surrounded her for the past nine months. Evelyn Kate Jordan was born on April 16th at 3:08pm and by 9pm she was showing us all just how much she loved hearing my melodic scales of snoring, by providing us with her own rendition of the purest snoring I have heard in my life. What follows in the video below is what I call “Evie’s Second Symphony in D Major.” Enjoy.

Turns out it only happened that one night and she only did it because she still hadn’t cleared her lungs fully and she was still trying to cope with the drastic change from living in the womb and moving into the outside world. Still, snoring has its many uses...just ask Syd.


kalob and elise said...

oh my goodness gracious syd. she is just precious! hahaha. I managed to log roll out of bed to go and show kalob! hahaha.

Sydney said...

As much as your snoring annoys me, that is how much I love Evie's. Plus her's sounds more like a purr, not a scary "man" snore.

Darrell said...

If you're really good at it, which you undoubtedly are, then it's not snoring--it's a "love purr." Apparently, this is a very desirable trait. So, I'm told by the She-wolf.

Megan said...

LOVE YOUR STORY AND LOVE THE VIDEO!! Sydney I am so happy you had a quick delivery!! I guess you have inspired me and I should get my story down too! give Nick my love and little Evie too! I know we don't know each other very well, but the Jordans are like family to me so I hope you don't mind that I occasionally pretend we've known each other our whole lives and are best buds! Congrats!

Megan said...

Oh and if you ever want someone to talk to who is going through exactly almost to the week what you are, just give me a call! 858-336-3556! I am increasingly in need of contact with other humans now that I am on house arrest recovering. Anyways...or fb me or check out my blog!