Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Sick Joke, and Other Frivolous Matters

If you can answer this question correctly on the first try, you will win something much more valuable than a prize...
You will win nothing but the satisfaction of being right. Before you leave our blog for lack of interesting prizes, let me point out that not everyone gets to be right in life. Some people who are married to other people never ever get to be right because their middle name is not Midas.
The question:
Which half of Snick always wins cool prizes like $250 sunglasses for acting recklessly?
A) The male half
B) The female half
C) It doesn't matter who wins because its obviously never going to be the female half
D) The male half's middle name is Midas

If you answered A, C, and/or D you win nothing. But you are correct!

Aside from the fact that my husband is super studly, he also never enters contests. Contrast this with his poor, loser wife who relishes contests and has to enter everything, just in case she might win. (Including ever Pioneer Woman contest since the beginning of time)
A few weeks ago, male snick entered a Kaenon sunglasses contest to see who did the craziest "outdoor" something over the summer. Using MY facebook account (because he refuses to get one of his own as a way to stick it to the man?) male snick wins $250 towards a pair of ridiculously happenin' sunglasses. While I cannot lie, climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier back-to-back is pretty cool/crazy, what is it about male snick that makes him the son of Midas? If you can answer that question that you actually might win a prize - something awesome like my husband's new sunglasses maybe.

To top it all off, Nick is the new poster boy for Kaenon. Every other time you click on, his picture shows up on top of Mt. Rainier looking nothing short of glorious.

Okay, I might be a little proud... but mostly bitter and jealous that male snick is officially more popular than me.

Other Matters
My parentals are currently frolicking amongst the Loire Valley, using words like "Magnifique," and "Beurre." Again, I'm slightly proud, but mostly bitter and jealous. I kindly and graciously offered my services as a tour guide/translator and was brutally rebuffed! So like a normal human being, I baked 68 mini cupcakes and watched five episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians while I skimmed my old Study Abroad pictures. Here is what I've concluded:

1. Being surprised by a super stud underneath the Eiffel Tower is blissful. Finding out two years later that he will beat you in every contest ever... well that's another story.

2. My German friend Janina, could probably play basketball for UCONN.

3. Pastries can change your life for the better.

4. I can't blame Louis XIV for wanting to live in a place like Versailles.

5. Find a better sunset and a cheesier smile than this. I Dare you.

6. Darcy and Lizzy once went to France and attended a ball. They danced together on this floor.

I can also conclude that my parents are probably showering regularly and eating the most delicious french food in existence on their "study abroad." But bitter, jealous, old me must wonder if they would be enjoying their trip tenfold while experiencing it with a fashionable and discrete translator? Answer this question correctly and receive an all-expenses paid trip to France by Durrell and Shelly!

Okay here is the real reason for this post - A Sick Joke. Now, my husband SWEARS that he would never venture into such a cruel realm to give himself a laugh. If this is true, then who done it?
Several days ago, I happily grabbed the mail wishing for the 3rd Harry Potter to come from Netflix. Did I receive my dear friend Harry? Oh no, my friends... or should I call one of you my enemies? One of you, I don't know who - gave the Humane Society my address,
and this is what I received...

I bet you think this is funny evil address giver.

Don't worry, I have called the Humane Society and DEMANDED to be removed from their Satanic mailing list. I considered contacting the police since it was a violation of my privacy, but then I realized that the animal poop sniffers at Humane Society probably mistook me for a four-legged lovin' fool and sent me the gifts out of love.
But guess what?

I will find you.

And when I do, you will regret telling the Humane Society about me because I am an animal lovers worst nightmare.
And in the slight chance that it turns out to be my husband, we will not be having children after all.

Have a nice day.


Darcee said...

I am still cracking up at the "Sick Joke" part of your post. Those address labels are the "ugliest effing things I've ever seen" to quote Regina George. That is hilarious! I also checked out Nick's story on Kaenon and that's pretty cool he won, but he did have to suck up hard core to Kaenon so at least you still have your integrity. Ha! Seriously, though, that's pretty cool that he won some new glasses. I always enter contests too and Brent always makes fun of me, but somebody has to win. Alas, it is never me. Maybe we should start a "never winners" club. I'll fight you for president. :)

Darrell said...

I thought you loved Chien et chat? I'm surprised at your emotional response to what is a pretty funny joke. fyi: Somehow, we're getting along fine without a translator.

Darrell said...

Okay, i finally got around to checking out the Kaenon're right he is the luckiest guy I know--that's what I say about all guys taller, better looking and smarter than me!

Amanda Jeffs said...

i. love. this. post.
will you guys be at the family expo on saturday?

Alix Mae said...

Hahaha Syd you crack me up! I love all your posts and I am so honored to be your cousin :) Maybe you'll have better luck the next contest you enter! And I hope you find your mystery animal lover! Haha love you!

Tiffany said...

Seriously, he really does have all the luck! He has been winning things and everything for as long as I can remember! How do people do that?!

Also, it could be possible that the humane society just sent it to you for your donation... my mom got a ton of those (never humane society though... more like kids hospitals) in the mail. I think it's haliorious that they asked you though! So funny!

Rachey Smart said...

First of all, very cute pics on this post!

Second, Nick is a lucky dog!!! That sounds like something Rocky would win....
I went to the website and saw him! He looks like a celeb off on a sabbatical in the Alps or something. Also, I was laughing SO hard at the personalized address labels! I know those are right up your alley... :)