Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anybody Home?

In between the constant emotional trauma and physical pain that I endure daily due to the illness known as Allyitis, I have also been suffering from an equally dismal disease. Its called CK Syndrome. Both the initials C and K stand for perhaps the most dangerous people in terms of cuteness. Cole and Keith.

This is Keith.
If the following words do not instantly pop into your mind while perusing these pictures - do yourself a favor and call the Tin Man because he must have your heart.

Squeeze. Kiss. Maul. Love. Pinch. Cheeks. Hug. Hold. MINE.


PS If you aren't secretly humming the words to "Who Can It Be Now?" by Men at Work, do yourself another favor and call the Scarecrow because you definitely don't have a brain. Or maybe you were in a coma during the 80's or you never stole every single Billboard CD your sister owned just so you didn't miss out on the 80's either.

You know Keith had this video kicking around his brains that day:


sheila said...

My heart went right back to Portland with those 3 cuties today. I am sooo sad they are gone, we had such a fun week with them! Great post Aunt Sinnie.

Rachey Smart said...

They are SO cute! I wish we got to see them more! Great pic on the song Syd!

Darrell said...

Actually, what I think he had floating around in his brain was, "I'm just busy to talking to Nick!" I agree that he is way cute. Thx for the Men at Work song. It definately was apropos.