Monday, September 27, 2010

If Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O had a baby...

It would probably look like this:

I would commit murder for this sweet Jackie Hepburn baby.
Speaking of sweet babies. Guess who I loved on this weekend?

Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture this weekend. So hopefully Aunt Chelsea will put some on the family blog this week. My trip was short, but wayyyyyyy too much fun. Obviously Ally, Cole, and Keith are the best part of being able to go home, but there are two things that tied for a close second. In no particular order:

We were able to celebrate with Darc for her big 3-0 b-day this weekend. Again, no pics, but here are a few recycled ones. I'm hoping they will prove what a hot mom Darc is.

2. Lil' D was Homecoming Queen! I know this may seem silly and trivial to some people, but I really think it shows what a nice girl Darel is. She is always kind and friendly to everyone at school, and I think she deserves to be appreciated. Plus she felt the unnecessary pressure to be like her older sisters for some reason. Here is a picture I stole from the Homecoming King's facebook page. He was also Darel's date and probably the coolest kid at her school.

Overall, the weekend was a blast. I'm hoping someone at the Smart House will elaborate on the weekend with a post full of pictures. One thing is for sure - a weekend a la Darrell and Sheila is never disappointing!


Darrell said...

Great post. Yes, Darel really is that nice, Darcee's kids really are that awesome, and it's really that great to have you all home!

Darcee said...

Syd! Just saw this, haven't checked blogs in awhile, obviously. Thanks for the shout-out, although those are absolutely the nastiest pictures of me, ever. So thanks for making 30 look so awesome. :) So fun to see you, as always!