Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Best Things in Life

School is finally finished and I've had the last week and half to party it up. Nick and I went to SoCal to hang with the Jordans for awhile which was a blast. Then I sadly said goodbye to my Hubby and headed up to Portland on a dirt-cheap JetBlue flight to meet sweet little Ally, our new niece! I took a million pictures of both SoCal and Portland and I will definitely elaborate on both, but I just wanted to post a few because my time with the Burnetts was just too fun.

Little Ally is the most precious little thing I've ever laid eyes on and I love her so much. She is such a beautiful edition to our extended family and the Burnett family.

I love this little girl!

It was so fun to see how C & K have grown! They are too cute and way too busy for almost 2 year olds. Darcee is truly superwoman for taking on such an active little bunch of children
Darc and I had such a good time just hanging out and spending time with her kids. We even found some extra time to go see a movie (Julie & Julia) with Ally and watch the season premiere of project runway. It was a great vacation.

Mom, Dad, and Little D joined us on Friday and we spent the weekend missing Chels, Nick, and Shea. We all can't wait for Thanksgiving when we are together again! Word on the street: Sheila is going BIG on this one! I will definitely not miss her delicious cooking and baking.

Special K

Coley Bear

"Watching" Kung Fu Panda

And of course baby Ally


chelsea said...

So jealous!! I love the pic of everyone watching Kung Fu Panda. It reminds when we are in CA for your wedding Darel and I "watched" Bolt with the boys at 5am. Keep the pics coming!!

sheila said...

Loved your post! I am still in Portland living the dream! You better believe Turkey Day will be bigger than ever. I'm counting the days!

Darcee said...

Can you please come back? I had so much fun with you here. I need a full time nanny! Tell Nick thanks for letting you come! I hope he liked his present I sent him! Have you played it yet?
Miss you!

Darrell said...

Your post and pics captured the weekend. What an awesome aunt you are!