Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letting Go

It's official. I am throwing away my baby blankie.

He, as I refer to him has been there for me for my whole life, but sadly I have to move on.
Nick hates my blankie and says that I am spreading germs all over our bed, but I try to explain that blankie has a much bigger purpose than being disgusting. Yes he is falling apart and he kind of smells like years of drool, but isn't that what blankies are for?

My blankie loved me when I had braces, when I forgot to brush my teeth before going to bed, and when I cried myself to sleep. For a long time, he was the only man in my life. So isn't it only right that I love him despite his odor?

Although I love my blankie with all my heart, I have decided this - I can still love blankie even if I'm not sleeping with him every night. I have a wonderful husband who snores like a bear and I think it's time that I let go of my dear friend.

This however, does not mean that I will not pass on the blankie-loving gene to my children. They of course will each get a soft blankie to love and cherish until they choose not too.

Farewell my dear friend. I'm sorry I have to let you go.


sheila said...

Thank heaven!

Darcee said...

Don't do it! What if your first born needs it to sleep? I don't think I could have ever been able to get Cole to sleep on his own if it had not been for my blankie sacrifice. Nothing but my firstborn child could have torn me from my beloved friend.

Darrell said...

And to think I thought your blankie was going to cripple you emotionally...As it turns out, your blankie was the emotional support you needed to face a cold, inhospitable world.