Monday, August 1, 2016

Still At It

This is old news, but here's some cute photos of Nick before his second knee surgery. A year almost to the day, he had the exact same surgery on his left knee as he did his right knee. What a lucky guy!

Per the norm, here is Nick working his pre-op attire.

One of the biggest differences between this surgery and the last was how it looked on the outside. Not as much swelling but so much bruising all up and down his leg and knee.

Seriously NASTY.

We both survived his second knee surgery (plus his two ear surgeries and I also had a surgery of my own) this past year. I was newly pregnant and super nauseous and sick, but we lived through it all.
Anna helped by asking me to make pancakes every morning.
I typically obliged.

Riding bikes to a friend's birthday party.

Ever since Nick's sister's wedding last summer Anna has worn his dress around town. Sadly, she has grown out of it and moved on to a hideous black and pink princess dress.

Awkward sisters.

About a week after Nick's second knee surgery, we flew to Utah BECAUSE WE ARE INSANE. We had a work trip planned at Park City and since flights were booked, we decided to go. Needless to say, it wasn't a great trip. Traveling in a full leg cast with a lame nauseous wife is not so bueno. 

The best part of the whole trip was laughing at Nick while he drove the Costco scooter. 

Stone cold thuggin'. 

We sure missed our little gals while we were gone, but they were well taken care of by Grandma J.

We were able to attend the Provo City Temple open house with some family. It's a beautiful temple!

We went skiing in Park City.

Some of us skied better than others.

I tried not to barf my guts out.

Pretty awesome day.

The Frozen Gang.

We take hopscotch seriously here.

She will never be allowed to get a license - the road rage is strong with this one.

Our friends, the Prescotts, invited us to their in-laws farm to pet baby bunnies this spring.
Unfortunately, they didn't tell us until after we held them that they are bred for meat and sustenance.
(don't worry Gina, we can still be friends!)

Ev now wants a pet bunny.

Anna seemed like more of a goat lover.

We capped the day off with ice cream cones at my favorite restaurant - DQ.
If you've just found this blog, I should mention what a classy gal I am.

My daughters learned their classiness from me, obviously.

Ev! My grown up girl.

Anna! My non-stop moving toddler/baby.

When I was feeling super sick this Spring, I would lay in bed and Ev would help me feel better by trying on outfit after outfit in her dress-ups. It actually worked and helped me laugh despite feeling horrible all the time. 

In rare moments of non-sickness, we gave ourselves pedicures.

Can I just say how much I love having girls around all the time?!

Evie and her friend Anna went to see the BYU folk dancers with me awhile back.

Please tell me we're not the only family obsessed with Beanie Boos?!

Sisterly love!

The girls play so good together when they're not fighting...

Girl stuff.

Ev keeps telling me she needs to wear her glasses to see. Don't worry, we recently had her eyes checked and her vision is perfect. 

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