Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello 2015

We had family pictures taken this fall, which I'm pretty proud of since we finally documented that Anna exists. Our last pictures were taken when Evie was 18 months old, so I figured we should get some good ones (IE: not iPhone pics)

The irony of it all, is that Ev was a total peach - hamming it up for the camera like a boss. Anna however, was quite somber and didn't smile ONCE. We still got some great pictures of the girls and I love them, just sort of funny that they swapped personalities for the day. Anna typically smiles on cue and waves to people she doesn't know and Ev usually makes a grumpy face and runs away when a stranger comes near her. Either way - they are pretty darn cute. 

Anna is now 15 months. I love watching her personality develop but I hate watching her grow (in fact, it makes me want to crawl into a closet and cry). She is such a determined little thing (Read: She's TINY). She will spend twenty minutes trying to climb something or open something and she never gives up. Ev would usually move onto something else fairly quickly, but Anna will sit and stick it out. I love it. 

Ev is learning to be the "big" sister and we've tried to instill in her more responsibility lately as evidenced by the following conversation:

Me (feeding Anna in the high chair): Don't you want to eat this?
Ev: Mom! Anna's not focusing!
Me: Ev, worry about your food. I will worry about Anna's.
Ev: C'mon honey, let's go play Mom. 

Here is some more hilarity to come out of my 3 year old's mouth recently:

Driving with my Mom to pick up a box of apples for my sister
Ev: Are we going to get a box of apples for Grandma too?
Me: Maybe we'll come back and pick up a box of apples for Grandma tomorrow.
Ev: Well, no. Not a box. (turns to my mom) How old are you?
My mom: I'm 54.
Ev: Then, well ... you get 54 apples because you are 54 years old.

Me: Ev, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Ev: A baker so I can make food for everybody.
Me: Like a chef?
Ev: Yeah. How much longer until I'm grown up? When do I get to be a chef?

Ev: Mom, I brought you a present. (My glasses case full of garbage and a plastic spoon)
Me: Wow! Thank you!
Ev: Mom you can keep it for a hundred years, but then you have to give it back. I will come back tomorrow so you can give it back.
Me: But one hundred years won't be over tomorrow.
Ev: Oh well ... You can have it for five more minutes then.

(Playing school together in her room with stuffed animals)
Ev: Now its another girls turn to do the share bag and her named starts with the letter P.
Me: Pony?
Ev: Nope! Polka Dot Kitty.

Ev: Mom! Mom! Can you come get Bear out of the bathroom so I can have some privacy?

Talking into a fake cell phone:
Ev: Well, Bear's just a stinker, but he's doing good. And Anna can choke on those little cookies so we can't let her have those.

Me: Ev will you tell me a story?
Ev: Sure.
Starts telling Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Ev: The first chair was too tall. The second chair was too medium. The third chair was just right.

While doing Ev's hair in the bathroom.
Ev: Mom, I want short hair.
Me: We can give you a haircut if you want.
Ev: When I grow up I want short hair like Grandpa's.
Me: Grandpa doesn't have any hair.
Ev: Yeah, I want that.

Pulling into the gas station.
Ev: Do we need petrol?
Me (laughing hysterically): Yes.
Ev: So that we can go faster?
Me: Exactly.

Me: What do you want for breakfast this morning?
Ev: How about just a plain tortilla.
Me: I'm not sure we have those.
Ev: Okay, we'll I'll just have a quesadilla then.

Ev constantly keeps me on my toes these days (obviously!) She can be so sweet and hilarious and also so infuriating. That's the life of a toddler I guess. 
Our main focus recently has been empathy. I'm fairly certain she has never felt this emotion and we're working towards helping her do that. So far no luck, but Ev can be pretty surprising. I recently started nannying another little girl about Evie's age and I'm hoping that will help her learn to think of others. We shall see...

We love our new place, ward, etc. and dare I say ... I'm happy to be in Yakima. Lots of adjustments to be made of course, but we're grateful to be here.

I'm really loving that Anna only takes one nap these days. Occasionally she'll take two, but for the most part my days are so much more free! On T/Th when Evie and Clarissa (the girl I watch) are at preschool, Anna and I do music time, run errands, take walks, etc. Its so fun to have just her. I really love how quiet and simple our mornings are together before the girls get home and the ruckus begins. 

Anna is also my little snuggler. She loves to be cuddled before and after naps and sometimes she will just let me snuggle her without end. It is heavenly. 
I mean look at that face!

Anna and Ev have moments of sisterly love where they actually play great together. Its typically more feisty than fun, but we're working on it.

She loves her Dad.

Can you tell?

Total Mama's girl ... for now.

Ev recently became a Sunbeam and is currently loving Primary. She recently had to fill out a questionnaire for the Spotlight and I thought her answers were pretty cute.

1. What is your favorite Primary song?
Wiseman/Foolish man

2. What is ONE of your talents?
Ballerina, cooking and reading books.

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
Give them hugs and kisses.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A real chef!

5. What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
I don't like sandwiches.

6. What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Chocolate chip.

7. What makes you laugh?

8. If you could fly like Superman, where would you fly to?
My house, or to Yakima to see my Grandma.

9. What is your favorite story about Jesus Christ?
The story of baby Jesus.

10. How do you know that Jesus Christ loves you?
Because He's so nice.

Some more cute pics of Ev:


Note to self: Next time we take family pictures, don't wear the same shirt as Nick.


jennica said...

Ok ev is a hoot! Never stop posting her stories! I mean.. Petrol!! Who is this girl? And Anna.. What a dream. A quiet snuggle baby! I need one of those next! And Ummm you rock that jcrew chambray so never stop wearing it!

Tara Hibbard said...

Super cute post! Your pictures turned out great! I die over Ev's cute curls! Glad to hear you are loving Yakima! Love ya!

ellen said...

These pictures are wonderful!!

Rachey Elder said...

K, first off. MODEL FAMILY> all of you are perfect! Seriously I could go off on all of you. I love your outfit head to toe and you are seriously a total hot mom. Also, I am scared for you when those beauties hit High School. They are Gorgeous! Looks and personality>>>Ev: Mom! Mom! Can you come get Bear out of the bathroom so I can have some privacy?

Darrell said...

model good looks all around.