Friday, December 19, 2014

The Caroler

Who cares if she doesn't remember the words? I'd walk through any winter wonderland with this stinker.

Dang, I'm cheesy! How does anyone read this!?

Also, in case anyone knows any eligible bachelors looking for a fine lady with disturbing dance moves who happens to speak Tagalog ... feel free to show them this.

Or this:

Merry Christmas!


Virginia Prescott said...

Sign her up for Melody Lane pronto!

Rachel Elder said...

Okay, first off evie has the sweetest voice and can seriously carry a tune! I about died when she sang about Parson Brown! So dang adorable!! Second, lil D didn't take long to get her heinously cool dance moves back. Who can resist a girl with moves? She'll be gone in no time!