Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well Deserved Shout Out

6 months ago I had a phone conversation with my sister that went something like this:

Chels: What are you going to do this summer, just live in Yakima again?
Me: Well, I was hoping the girls and I could live with you while Nick studies for the Bar in Yakima...
Chels: Sure, Shea's going to be here for part of it and I'm hosting some people here and there, but it would be fun.
Me: Great. I promise we won't ruin your house, although I realize now that Ev is potty training so she might pee on your carpet.
Chels: If she poops on my carpet I'll kill you.
Me: Okay, see you in a month.

With opened arms and little hesitation, Chels allowed us to bunk with her for two months this summer. Minus the absence of Nick, it was so fun. So much sister bonding (CW watching) and with Darc just minutes away it was awesome. Plus Shea was there for a few weeks basically making it a Smart Compound (creepy? We think so too).

Not sure if Chels enjoyed it as much as we did (especially since she had to have her carpets professionally cleaned afterwards) but we can't thank her enough. My girls absolutely adore her and there is not a better Aunt out there. 

Our last hurrah was visiting the Japanese Gardens in Portland.
In my head it was a lot more child friendly then it turned out to be. Apparently you have to be serene and quiet in a Japanese Garden, so my wild toddler was unwelcome at certain points (oops!). Also, Nick and I had to carry our heavy/crappy double stroller up these stairs that rivaled the RB stairs at BYU. No joke (sweatastic!).
In the end?
Totally worth it and a super blasty blast.


Double stroller up this baby.

We may have been approached by a grounds worker at this point, politely asking us to not touch the statues.

The politeness didn't last long.


You know what? 
I wish we were at Disneyland. There's better food and cooler people there.

I'm thinking about starting a new string of blog posts called, "Bear's Life."
It's all about what Bear does on a daily basis, how she's feeling, maybe some photos of all the places she gets to go.

Would you all be interested in this?
Diseased stuffed Teddy Bear travels the world with crazy toddler who thinks that Bear is an actual person with feelings and thoughts?

It might have potential...
Otherwise, I need to seriously reevaluate my life.

A beauty and a beast.
She is my stinker but oh, she can manipulate.



Emily Gilkey Palmer said...

I would read about bear. I took pictures of my crocodile all over Europe and my midwest road trip to send to my nephew. I even met other animal photographers who also bring little friends everywhere and take pictures. Yes we are all adults.

Mindy said...

What an Awesome Sister! I didn't know you lived with her this summer, and Shea too! Not creepy at all! Super fun. My dream is for Me and ALL of my family (both sides) to live in the same culde sac😄but maybe that's creepy. Cute Post!