Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hero Up 2

Hero Up was a complete success this year.
Great turnout.
Awesome people.
Awareness for children's cancer.
Money raised for research.
A day to remember Keith.

My sister lives every day like she's Glen Coco.
You go, Glen Coco.
Can't believe you pulled it off again - can't wait to see you outdo yourself next year.

Evie insisted on being Spiderman. Not Spiderwoman or Spidergirl, but Spiderman.
She's a kid. She does strange things. And she loves Spiderman.
Why can't girls like Spiderman? 
Who says that liking Spiderman is only a thing for boys?  
I just don't understand how we are in the year 2014 and we are taking such huge steps backwards for women. Evie likes Spiderman. Her favorite color is blue. She is more violent than the average girl. She likes to wrestle. She loves to play pirates.
A tomboy, but still my little girl. 

And I now realize that things took a turn for the serious - I apologize. Rant over.

My baby was Spiderman, complete with muscles, and she looked adorable.

A lot of anticipation, a lot of success, thanks to the one-and-only Dot.

Cutest Supergirl in town.

I will give you five bucks if you can guess who is the proud (and obvious) owner of the 'Super Bossy,' cape. Just kidding. That question is wayyyyy too easy.

Wolverine made his usual MC performance.


Batman is more approachable than I remember.

So many friends and family came out to this race and as cheesy as it is to say, it meant so much to us. Knowing people care is priceless, but watching people generously donate to a cause so important to you is pretty amazing. 

Plus you can't find people this cool just anywhere.
Professor X and Storm!

Mini Superheroes!

Captain America/Anna's betrothed.

Favorite people.
Emma stop making everyone look bad.

My friend Haley-who-had-a-baby-like-two-seconds-ago-and-felt-like-running-a-half-marathon.

Elastigirl is ... awkward.

Sheera is ... hot.

Superhero family!
Quick! Everybody smile perfectly for the camera so we can go back to doing...


This is okay, too.

My kids enjoyed playing with my red wig.

It was creepy and cute all rolled into one.

Thanks everyone for making Hero Up exactly what it should be ... Heroic!
Such a special day.
We miss you Keith!

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Alix said...

Wish we could have been there this year! You all looked great. Oh and I totally agree with your rant! :)