Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life According to the iPhone

WARNING: This post is too long, but I can't help myself.

I also can't wait to really be able to blog again, to post pictures of our last month in Eugene and what we've really done this summer. For now, here's a modge podge of the last couple months seen through my phone (keeping it classy).

Yes, my child went out in public like this.
And I was not ashamed.

Her face says it all - potty training is disliked by everyone in our house.

Her favorite place to poop these days. We'll be home, accident free and then I'll brave a quick trip to Target. Evelyn poops under a rack of clothing EVERY time we go. Not only has potty training been the worst part of parenting for me so far, I can no longer venture to my favorite store in fear of a poopy pull-up/diaper/underwear. I can handle the sleepless nights, the saggy boobs, the habitual wearing of yoga pants, but what I cannot handle ... is loosing my weekly Target runs. And I know all I ever talk about is how horrible potty training is, but someday, several years from now when Evelyn is hopefully not pooping her pants in 3rd grade, I will be happily behind this and happily digging through the clearance racks at Target like a boss.

She's wild, but oh so beautiful.

My happy clam.

We had a small problem with Evie putting stickers on surfaces where they did not belong. She since has found a much better canvas in her body. And its mom approved!

While our estrogen filled lives our full of nail painting and dress-up, two things which I ardently support, my patience in waining. We all miss Nick and we can't wait for the Bar to be behind us. Moments with him are rare and savored, but that's no way to live life.

Our last month or so in Eugene we walked to get Froyo at least twice a week. Since we only have one car and both my girls loved the stroller, I made an effort to walk everywhere. My record was 10 miles in one day. So obviously we needed some gummy bears and frozen yogurt.

She's a swing lover.

And ironically, my slide lover turned into a swing lover when she realized how much her sister liked it. Anna is always happy to share the swing with her big sister (no surprise there).

One of our many walking trips that ended with the girls asleep and me alone in my thoughts. (!!!!)

Ev's first real shiner. 
Proud mom moment!

Packing up our things in Eugene was hard on a multitude of levels, but luckily Ev made it less dreary by coloring on every box we packed. 

More sleepy walks.

Tell me you don't love these!
(You can't)

Ev has a habit of telling me she "needs privacy," and then falling asleep somewhere random. 
On this particular day, she made it to her bed, tucked herself in and slept like an angel.
Somedays, I get snippets of my sweet toddler that used to always say 'please' and 'thank you' and not scratch my eyeballs out when I try to brush her teeth. And let me tell ya, it feels awesome to see my sweet Evie emerge from the depths of Sauron's grasp. One can only hope that she emerges entirely someday.

She's tough to parent, but easy to love. She makes me laugh everyday. 

*Insert clever and mildly offensive comment about attractive and single siblings looking for mates.
(Chelsea! You can't be mad because I didn't technically say anything...)


Her knees are legendary.

She's so stretchy in the mornings. She even stretches before she wakes up. 
Its adorable.

Anna is a little water baby. She loved the indoor pool in Eugene and now she loves swimming in my parents pool (the whole two times we've swam this summer).

Beautiful day on the Oregon Coast with Nick a few months ago. Five minutes after this blue sky photo was taken, things got real windy, cloudy and freezing.

Izzy and Ev goofing off on the Oregon Coast.

My Dad bought Ev this Mariners hat awhile back. To my surprise, she loves it! She wears it all the time and always tells me that her hat blocks the sun. Poor kid, she's still allergic to the sun.

Playing dress up with Ally is one of Ev's favorite activities. Ev is new to the whole dress up thing, so there are some stark differences. See exhibit below:

Obviously Ev needs a little practice, but Ally is very patient and I'm sure she'll have Ev whipped into Princess shape in no time.

I have this weird/creepy obsession with watching my kids while they sleep. I love it. I have more pictures of my children sleeping than I do awake. 

Water baby and Grammie.

I told you they were legendary!

Like I said, Ev doesn't quite understand the girly dress up thing. I can't lie, I'm mildly proud that there is some violence involved with the Hello Kitty nightgown. She's tough and I'm proud of that.

Cutest sisters in town.

Watching Cole play tee ball this summer might have been one of the highlights of my life.
Little boys with oversized helmets running around bases?
Its beyond cute.

Ev's other favorite activity this summer?
Getting into Aunt Chi Chi's things. She loves playing with her jewelry, glasses, shoes, scarves, passport, purses. Chels does a good job not getting mad when I text her pictures like this when she's at work.

Tandem grocery cart riding!

My squeeze.

These two are hilarious together. They really act more like sisters than cousins. They know exactly how to get on each other nerves and then they are best friends five minutes later. I'm so glad they have each other.

One day, while I was puttering around in the kitchen, Ev told me she was going to give Anna some of her toast. I turned around a minute later and found this:

Its a good thing she's stinking adorable.

Ev needs a little help posing, but look at these two!


Are you trying to squeeze her through the computer screen right now?
Me too.

Some pretty legit chalk art by Sydney Jordan.
Chelsea was pretty pleased when this adorned her driveway for a week.

Ev told me the other day that she would go on the potty if Anna went too.
This did not end well.
IE: Anna face planting on the floor.

This is Ev's uniform - a pull up and her Frozen boots.
Can I just say something real quickly about Frozen? Its cute, the music is fun, but whatever you do, if you do not have children ... DO NOT WATCH IT. In fact, do not watch any Disney movies at all. You will have a lifetime to watch animated films. Go watch something bloody or inappropriate, cuz the days of PG-13 movies are numbered.

Weird/Awesome story:
One of my best friends from study abroad moved to Portland recently and we were able to get together! Although we did have to shout over my two screaming children, it was so nice to catch up. 

We went to see Nick this past weekend. And instead of being there Friday-Sunday, we stayed through Wednesday. It was so nice to have so much time with him. Of course he studied all day, but we will take what we can get! Only a few more weeks of this garbage and we can reunite!

If you made it through this blog post, congrats! You should probably pat yourself on the back and then go find a new hobby. Cuz there is probably something more interesting than my life. Although today Ev was sitting on the toilet and ACTUALLY PEEING and she said, "Mom! My bum is raining."

So maybe my life is pretty interesting after all. 


Cassie Tremblay said...

Haha I love this post! I cannot believe her amazing knees!!!

Mitch and Elayna Carter said...

I love looking at pictures of your girls in hopes that my little girl will be just as cute!

Alix said...

Um your girls are seriously so adorable and I do want to squeeze them through the computer. Also I miss you guys like crazy. The end.