Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Giving the People What They Want

I found an old post I never finished with some old pictures of Anna in it. So I added a couple new pictures of her and BAM! New post. 

She looks so little here.
Pre-sitting up.
Pre-eating real solids.
Pre-fat knees 
(JK she's always had those - you're welcome Anna)

Peace out, yo.

I'm trying to teach her to do the Richard Nixon double handed peace sign.
Wouldn't she be a cute Nixon for Halloween? Other people dress up their babies as bunnies or Disney characters, but I feel like since my baby has some legitimate hair I've got to go historical. Donald Trump? John Lennon? Coco Chanel? I guess you'll have to wait until October to find out. 
JK I'm super lazy and I'll be buying something at Costco the day before Halloween.

Seriously, who is this child? I feel like this Anna is from a lifetime ago! And it's only been a couple months since these pics were taken.


Aaaaaand lets end the photo shoot with some barf.

Here she is now. Just plain squeezable.

She is my little cherub. Still a happy clam, easy like Sunday morning (Adam Levine I love you).

She is obsessed with clapping. If you say, "Yay!" She starts clapping and smiling like you are hilarious - its totes adorbs. 

She is getting closer to crawling (I think). Ev never crawled, so I'm not sure what to look for, but she's leaning forward and rocking back and forth so I think she'll get moving here in the next couple months. I'm in no hurry for her to get moving, so I'm going to be 100% honest and say I have done absolutely nothing to facilitate her crawling. 

Ironically, Anna Banana's favorite food is bananas. She loves them. She won't eat any baby food unless it has banana in it. (Bizzare?) And now that she's tried some actual solid foods, I can't get her to even eat banana puree anymore. She wants to eat real food, but the lady has no teeth ... so that's interesting. 
She shares a green smoothie with me every morning. She whines and whines once she hears the blender going and then salivates until I bring it to her. She sucks it up through a straw like a boss. Sometimes she forgets to breathe and has to catch her breath and it spills out down her chin. And since its cold it drips down her chest and makes her shiver - again, totes adorbs. 
And since she's my kid, cheese is already a major food group. Her fave is Colby Jack. Can't wait to introduce her to the finer things, but for now she's on the right track. She also enjoys pineapple, strawberries rolled in cheerios, and gnawing on cucumber.
Oh, and she ate an ENTIRE shaved ice while we were in Yakima this past weekend. Whoops.

She loves to chew on her toes - happy baby yoga pose style. 

She sleeps on her tummy.

She says Da Da, Ma Ma and hysterically laughs anytime Evie says or does anything.

She bangs her chest like King Kong when she's extremely happy (IE: Evie is playing with her)

She is still very snuggly. When she has a hard time falling asleep I grab her from her bed and she just lays her head on my shoulder for awhile. I hope it never ends.

She's beautiful.

I just love her.
She is just a perfect baby. I'm silently weeping as she grows, but she keeps getting cuter so I can't really complain. She's a healthy, happy girl and she is everyone's favorite past time.

Don't I have another child?
Oh, the wild toddler who refuses to be potty trained?
Yes, she's still around. 
But she never sits still long enough for me to photograph her. She does however, never stop talking so I have some insightful comments that have come out of her mouth recently:

Ev: Anna, say Da Da! ... Anna, say poop! ... Anna say Mini-Wheats!


Ev: Mom, I think I need to hit the hay.


Ev: Hey Mom? Can you hold my purse for just a second so I can go to Disneyland? ... Actually, do you want to come to Disneyland with me?


Me: Are you excited for your friends to come over?
Ev: No! I don't have any friends.
Me: Yes you do.
Ev: No I don't!
Me: Why do you think you don't have friends?
Ev: I only have three friends.
Me: Who are they?
Ev: Just me and mom and Anna. Just the three of us.


Ev: Mom! Look! I'm a little doggy. Want to pet me? (Making dog sounds and breathing heavily)
Me: Sure. Hi doggy. What's your name?
Ev: My name is Bentley the dog! And I live at Disneyland.
Me: Wow. That sounds fun.
Ev: It is.


Ev: Hey mom! My poop kind of looks like a seal!


Ev: Hey Dad, you have a ... (thinking really hard about it) peanut.


Ev: Mom, you need to stop pooping in your pants so you can have a prize.
Me: I don't poop in my pants, I poop on the potty.
Ev: Oh. Well here is your hundred dollars for not pooping in your pants.
Me: Wow! Thanks.
Ev: Actually, here is two more hundreds. Here ya go. Now don't poop anymore.


jennica said...

Anna is getting so big! And just cuter and cuter!! And evie is just getting more hilarious! I love her crazy thoughts and comments. I just can hear her little voice! Ah I die. Come back to Utah!

Alix said...

Anna is adorbs. And I seriously had tears running down my face reading Evie's comments. So funny! Miss you guys.

chan said...

You have the cutest babies! And Ev sounds very spunky. Also, cutest head bands. Where do you get them and do they ever indent your child's head? Cause even with Sienna's peanut head they leave a mark and Matt doesn't like me to put them on her, which means she is practically naked.

Cassandra Worthington said...

Syd, your blog posts just make my day. I just oo and ah over Anna, and then literally laugh out loud from your writing/Ev's hilarious ideas. Too cute, too good.