Sunday, February 23, 2014

Four Months

Man, I am so behind on this bloggy blog. But I can't ignore the fact that our baby is 4 1/2 months old!
Anna is such a joy. I know I say this all the time but SERIOUSLY, she is an angel baby.
Happy all the time, socially engaged, calm, easy going, and basically a dream. 
She enjoyably goes wherever we go, watches Ev and I play and she loves her baths.
She has slept through the night 3 days in a row and I'm hoping its going to be a trend in all of our lives.
Simply put - we adore her. 
And as cheesy as it sounds, we couldn't imagine our lives without her. 

At 4 1/2 months Anna Shea weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces (14%). She is deceivingly light. She has rolls for days and I thought for sure she weighed at least 15 pounds, but she's just a tiny little thing. Much bigger than Ev was, but still tiny nonetheless. 
Height - 24" (29%)
Head - 16" (31%)

When she's tired, instead of crying like a normal baby she blows raspberries like an angel baby.
Here she is blowing some razzies:

This moment is a rarity, which is why I'm glad I captured it.
Its hard not to laugh when she cries because its so cute!

A mad Anna:

Her hair is still a common topic of conversation wherever we go. Its starting to not stick up as much now that its getting longer, but she's still my crazy hair.

She is a drool fest. I'm honestly shocked she's not teething because she drools like Roger Rabbit. I'm constantly changing her onesies and she chews like a dog all day long. Her fists, her blankets, toys, my shoulder - everything is a chew toy.

She's still a little snuggler. When she gets up from naps, she eats and then snuggles on my shoulder while I burp her. I love it. 

She's still my tummy lover. She's so close to rolling over, but we need to strengthen up those biceps! She's got my body - thick legs and big bum, but noodle arms. You're welcome Anna!

And Holy Cow, she's looking a lot like Ev these days! People are constantly telling me how much they look alike. At first I didn't see it that much, but lately Anna has morphed into a mini-Ev. (A slightly darker, olive-skinned version)
She's got blue eyes!
Can anyone explain to me how this keeps happening? And don't give me the recessive genes jargon - this is crazy! Neither Nick nor I have blue eyes and so far, we're two for two!
They are the same color Evie's were as a baby, a dark navy blue. Ev's have lightened up since then so I wonder if Anna's will lighten, stay dark blue or maybe just turn brown.

Either way, there is no denying that she's adorable.
Just sayin'.


Sheila Smart said...

She is a little beauty! She has your model good looking lips! She is so kissable!!

jennica said...

I just love Anna! She is an angel and so so so so so cute. Seriously can't even stand the cuteness and the hair.