Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 I always laugh when I see like five articles per day on Facebook about parenting/marriage/motherhood. Everyone out there is trying to justify their methods and get some validation for the way they do things. Some of the articles are decent, even good, but so many are terrible. Why do so many people feel the need to force their opinions on me? 
Perhaps the most common theme is how parenthood/motherhood isn't as lame or dull as the world thinks it is. I will agree that parenthood is anything but lame, but there are some moments of monotony. (IE: changing diapers, feeding children, cleaning up messes) I think being a mom is the most adventurous thing I've ever done, but its my life, my cup of tea, so that's probably why I feel that way. I know lots of wonderful parents who aren't adventurous, so I don't necessarily think that audacity equals perfect parenting.
And while there are many good things to say about bold, courageous parents willing to do pretty much anything with their kids, there are also straight up crazy parents.

That would be us.

I feel like our last Christmas Vacation from school turned us into Mad Hatters. Having over a month off from school always makes us want to flee Eugene and play, play, play. And since it was our last big break before real life begins (JK, we are living real lives, but you know what I mean) we really wanted to make it count.

1. Drove to and from California (it took us two days both ways)
2. Drove to and from Yakima
3. Drove to and from Utah
4. Drove to and from Portland three times.

If traveling with a 10 week old and a 2 1/2 year old on a month long road trip might sound a little like Hades barfed on your sandwich and made you eat it, then you would be partially right.
There were moments of pure parental stress and anxiety, but there were also moments of serenity and bliss. I'll be honest, I mostly sat in the back between two carseats, but overall, I'd say it was worth it. 
Occasionally both girls would sleep at the same time and Nick and I would actually get to talk about worthwhile and interesting topics like who had more #1 hits - NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. 
(BSB, if you're wondering)

We got to see tons of family, which was great. I also never want to eat Subway/Quiznos again in my lifetime. Interestingly enough though, Oreo Blizzards never get old...

People thought we were crazy for disappearing for a month on an insane road trip and at first I was like, "Psshhh! It won't be that bad." And it wasn't. But the last few hours before we got home I was desperate to get out of the car and never get back in! (Although three days later I drove my kids up to the Portland Children's Museum because I am a masochistic psycho)

Anyway, here's a photo dump from our trip.


Cole literally watched movies with his Darth Vader mask on.

Highlights included attending Rhett/Jen's wedding, seeing long lost friends/family in Utah, and talking to Sister Smart via Skype. (It was so hard to say goodbye and I'm now counting down the days until November when she gets home!)


Tara Hibbard said...

I seriously just died over Anna's little tribal leggings! So freakin cute! Looks like a fun trip! I don't blame you for getting away when you can! Fun post!

Amanda Jeffs said...

Ahh! So fun! You are so brave taking all of those road trips with the littles.

Darrell said...

what a holiday schedule! Road Warriors for sure!