Thursday, January 23, 2014

RIP CITY, etc.

Lets rewind a little.
A few days after Thanksgiving we went to a Blazer's game in Portland.

Anna loved her first professional basketball game.
(Mostly she loved hanging with her Grandpa Smart)

We forgot our sound canceling headphones so like good parents we opened one of Evie's Christmas presents in a TJ Maxx bag in the back of our car and attempted to pretend that it was planned all along. They didn't work at all so hopefully my kid's not deaf. Nailed it!

Deaf, but cute.

1st of many Daddy-Daughter dates.


 Nick = photobomber.

I tried so hard to get her on the Jumbotron and win us additional Blazer tickets. I mean seriously, who doesn't put a 6 week old baby on the Jumbotron? Do you have no soul?
Actually, I think its because we weren't decked out in Blazer gear. Mark my words, next time we won't make that mistake again and sweet Bananarama will coming to an ESPN near you.

I mean seriously, crazy man with the Blazer's tat on your arm, you will feel like a dork when all you've got to show is a trashy tattoo next game. 
Blazer onesie + adorable baby = Jumbotron

A picture says a thousand words.


Blazer Baby.

The Blazers beat OKC in a nail biter! It was so fun.

Thanks Big D for taking us to the game!
It was a blast.

The only thing that would have made the night better was a little Evster.

She's my little ham.

And she's such a good sister.

My goal this next week is to annoy everyone with a blogging blitz. 
Here's to the Jordans - in yo' face!

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Darrell said...

The game was awesome. We need to repeat that evening. Your kids are the best!