Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello Seattle ... and Canada

Nick's cousin Clarke got married in Seattle the first weekend in July.
It was a beautiful sealing.

I kept telling Ev that if she was patient she would get to see a real princess come out the doors. She kept saying, "Where princess, mommy?" Needless to say she was pretty excited when Clarke and Michelle made their debut as married couple.



Cousins + 2 extra.

Weddings are fun, but exhausting for kids and pregnant ladies. By the end of the day, I was so wiped out, so Ev and I crashed like sleeping beauties when we got back to the hotel. The next day we spent exploring Seattle (also fun, but exhausting - I think you will find this a common trend in my life as of late).

We hit up the Pacific Science Center.

And I have to share this. Grandma Jordan generously took Ev to the gift shop and let her pick a prize. Of all the things in the shop, Ev chose a stuffed naked mole rat.
So if you see a nasty rat in most of these pictures, that's where it came from.

Lil' buddies.

The day after our day in Seattle, Nick's immediate family + his grandparents + our little family of three hitched a ferry to Victoria. Puget Sound is beautiful and it was fun to enjoy the scenery (when Chelsea and I weren't puking). Once we got to Victoria we went straight to our hotel - it was beautiful! Thank you Melinda for inviting us!

The weather was perfect in Victoria - high 60's and sunny.
And the hanging baskets all over town were incredible.

We took a bus to Buchardt Gardens/Butterfly Gardens.

The butterflies landed on us! It was creepy.

Note: the insect on Nick's head.

Ev enjoyed the gardens, but after lunch she fell peacefully asleep in her stroller, which was nice because we were able to jauntily stroll along at our own pace. 


The gardens were UNREAL. So so beautiful. The English Rose Garden/Japanese Gardens were my favorite.

We also had fun exploring the city.
Here we are in the smallest street in Victoria. It might be the smallest street in something else, but I can't remember.

Ev could not believe her good luck when she ran into this life size Sully.

Our hotel has its own bees and I made sure to order a salad with honey dressing made from the honey harvested from the bees there. 

The bay.

It was such a fun trip!


Emma said...

I think I cried looking at all the Victoria pictures. Lucky ducks!

MaryJane said...

We were in Victoria last fall. Oh my! Thanks for the beautiful reminders of how much I loved it there. Did you get to their Fisherman's Warf? I see the baby now...and no, you don't just look fat! You look adorably pregnant!

Sydney said...

MaryJane - you're the best!