Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Out and Hopefully a Blogging Blitz

Our simple, relaxing summer suddenly got crazy. In the past three weeks we've traveled all over Washington, ferried to Canada, driven to Yellowstone and enjoyed the beauty that Idaho, Montana and Wyoming had to offer us, partied (and vomited - more on that later) at Bear Lake for a family reunion, and spent a few short days with my Grandma Phyl in SLC. 

Our last few days of simplicity looked like this:

Apparently climbing up and down Grandma's closet ladder is ridiculously fun.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the vicinity of my parent's house is force fed plastic food on a daily basis by Evie. She rarely plays with anything else. She creates delicious meals of plastic potato chips, salisbury steak, canned corn, sliced tomato, and chocolate muffins.
Can I blame my current weight gain on this fake smorgasbord? 

Nick has been dying to take Ev camping since before she was even thought of. I have not encouraged Daddy/Daughter camping for a variety of reasons, but when Nick suggested "practicing" in the backyard, I was all for it. (An evening on the couch with a book? Yes, please!) 

One can never go to bed hungry while camping, so a delicious dinner of plastic food was a must.

Ev "helped" set up the tent by - you guessed it! Eating a plastic chicken leg inside while Nick finagled around her.

She was pretty excited to "go camping."

Ev even brought her camping hair to the camp out.

She was a good helper to bring out all the pillows and blankets.

And she even helped set up the beds.

It was 90+ degrees, so the blankets weren't really needed, but Ev was still excited about being in the tent despite its scorching temperatures. Nick was smart and brought out his laptop so they could watch Mulan after scriptures and prayer. Unfortunately, it doesn't get dark until 10 PM here, so Ev was not fooled easily. They came in around nine and Ev was safely snuggled in her bed and asleep by 9:15.
All in all, I think Ev would say it was a pretty good first camping trip - we're hoping she'll be ready for the Olympic Peninsula 2014.

The Campers.

I hope I can get to the last few weeks on the blog here pretty quick. I planned on posting this a few days ago, but we are all recovering from the flu, so its slow moving here in Turtle Town. 

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Mindy said...

We were so sad you guys got the flu but mainly because we didn't get to see you! So glad we could see Evelyn though, she is adorable! I love her curly hair and she has the cutest personality. I love her jibber jabber talk:)Hope you are all feeling better!