Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hungry Dogs Win the Race

Snick just ran its first half-marathon on saturday. Our time was 2 hours 4 minutes. (9:30 per mile). We definitely weren't the fastest kids in the race, but we had a blast. It was so fun to run a race together. If you can't pick out the sweatiest person in this photo then ring your call button and Tommy here will come hit you on the head with a sledgehammer because you are a retard! No, but seriously do I get a prize for being more sweaty than Chris Farley in Tommy Boy?
Let's rewind a sec. Here is what we did this weekend.

- Class for 4 hours, wrote an 8 page paper, wedding rehearsal dinner. Home at 11 PM.

- Woke up at 3:30 AM to get to the bus in time for the half-marathon. They bus you up Sundance canyon and then drop you off and let you run your way back to your vehicle.
- Started the race at 5:30 AM. It was rainy and 45 degrees, but once the sun came up it was fine - plus it doesn't matter because I'm Tommy Boy's cousin and I have sweat tacos on a daily basis.
-Finished the half-marathon at 7:30, rushed home to shower, headed up to SLC to get my hair done for the wedding of our dear friends Mike and Lauren.
SIDE NOTE:Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and so were they. It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of their special day.
MORE SIDE NOTES: We planned a little surprise for Lauren.
If you want to see it click on the link to this blog. steveanddaynamagleby.blogspot.com
If you want to the blog for Lauren's wedding planner click here. amorologyweddings.blogspot.com
The wedding isn't featured yet, but the website is deliciously fun. I'll be posting more pictures of the wedding/reception later. It was seriously a blast, but by the end of the night we were exhausted and quite sore. We got home around 11:30 PM from the reception and we both crashed.

The half-marathon was awesome and we plan on doing another one someday. I still can't believe I ran 13.1 miles and didn't die. I do need new running shoes though. Mom? Are you listening?

In a completely unrelated note to running shoes - I found this photo of Lil D today. Oh what a hidden gem...


Rachey Smart said...

Ha ha you kill me Syd! If Tommy Boy is your cousin who am I? Ha ha. Congrats on your 1/2 marathon. They are fun. You and Nick are so cute:)

Ps. I LOVE when I find a gem of a photo of Roxanne between the ages of 11-13. I think thats around the time when I ruined her hair and she had to have the "duck butt" style. ha ha

Tiffany said...

You guys are amazing! I totally would have ran it with you if I were still there, but you probably could have ran laps around me! Ha! But man, what a crazy day you had. I would have been pooped!

sheila said...

Hey you two, even sweaty you're lookin' beautiful! How do you do it? Congrats on making the finish line to a half marathon, you never cease to amaze, what don't you guys do? I wish next week would hurry and come so that you two will also! Can't wait, love Mom

Darrell said...

Okay the pic of Lil D is hilarious. Almost freakishly cartoon like. congrats on the half marathon. You guys rock!

Sara said...

Can't believe you did all that in one day! Good for you!